Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Need An Air Brush and Tournaments This Saturday!

Well I have started to paint the Dark Eldar. I finally found a blue that is dark enough for my taste. Only trouble is its an old foundation paint, Necron Abyssal. So now I will begin the hunt to find pots of paint at local and not so local shops to make sure I can get enough. This also means I need to finally suck it up and buy an air brush. I made the mistake of assembling most of my vehicles a little to much. So as much as I like free handing everything, trying to get paint into the nooks and crannies of a Raider is really not feasible with a brush. This is especially true if I want the Raiders to look presentable. I would also like to add that I am lazy when it comes to painting so I need an express method of base coating.

That said I need an air brush. I have it narrowed down to two different brands of air brush. Iwata and Badger. I have seen the Badger airbrushes demonstrated at Adepticon and thought they were pretty nice. I have used a couple different Iwata brushes. The most recent one I have used is an Iwata Eclipse hp cs. Sadly this belongs to Samsquatch Monster and He is not keen on letting me borrow it to base an entire army. I have been looking through the Badger 100 series airbrushes.

So I am looking online and offline for starter kits from both companies and trying to find a good deal. So I ask you, my readers for advice and suggestions. I am trying to keep my cost down as I have limited funds at the moment.

I am also going to be picking up some Dust Warfare stuff hopefully this weekend. The Rulebook is a certain thing. The Dust Tactics Core set, Which includes a bunch of models, seems to be out of stock.  Fantasy Flight is doing a revised Core set that costs less but does not include as many models.  The counters and such are usable in Dust Warfare so I want to pick it up.  IF I find the first core set just sitting somewhere for a good price I may snag that.

 I have a 2000 point tournament to prepare for at Evolution games this Saturday. Its a dual force org with Forgeworld 40k approved units allowed. I will be rolling out the Eldar for this tourney. I may have to make some list changes though. It depends on if I can get the Storm Guardians built. This is dependent on the mount of close combat weapons I have floating around in the bits box.  

So for those interested in the Tournament,  its at Evolution Games in Lansing.  The dice roll at 12 and registration starts at 11.  Its $10 to play and Farseer Re-Rolls will be selling raffle tickets for a dollar for some prizes.  You get one for entering the tournament.  You also get to use them as a re-roll during the tournament.

I would also like to plug the Tournament on the same day at AFK Games in  South Lansing / Holt.  It is an 1850 point tournament with no fortifications allowed.  There will be 3 rounds and entry is $15.  Space is limited to 16 players.  Registration starts at 10 am and dice roll at 11.  So you have your choice of tournament this Saturday in Lansing.  Prepare 2 lists so if you choose AFK you can still make Evo's tournament if it fills up.  I will be at Evo running Dual Seers and an Avatar.......Giggity!

I will have more later in the week. The week has been quite hectic and I have been writing some more on Eldar tactics in 6th edition. I need more games though to really get a handle on what has been going through my mind.

Until next time................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have the Iwata you have in the photo. Mine has worked very well and I am very pleased with it. After about an hour of searching online, I got that airbrush and a compressor for about $230 shipped. Best purchase of my painting career. Excited to see what you think about dust warfare. They have some fun models

  2. I am leaning towards the Iwata myself as I have used one before. I have a couple locals who love their badgers though. In fact one has his rebuilt every year he goes to Adepticon ad the factory is on the way.

    I am very anxious to get my Dust stuff. The game is very solid and I love the models. CVinton and Old School Terminator have me pretty psyched up about the game as well.