Monday, August 22, 2016

NOVA is Nigh! Adepticon Planning Has Begun!

Greetings all!  SeerK here once again.  As many of you know I will be heading to the NOVA Open next week.  For once I am not running any of the events.  I will be playing in something FSA and maybe something Infinity while i am there.  My primary purpose is to award the top two winners of the FSA GT their golden tickets to The Schaumburg Prime Offensive North American Firestorm Armada Championships.  The winners have guaranteed spots in North Americas premiere Firestorm Armada event! Adepticon is quickly shaping up to be bigger and better than last year!
We are going to have an expanded schedule of events in 2017. In addition to Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall we have  Dystopian Wars, Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command all coming to Adepticon this year!  The Schaumburg Prime Offensive is also going to a 2 day format!

This year we will have 32 spots to start off with for the Saturday Qualifier. The Qualifier on Saturday will be 900 points and be a 3 round event.  The top 8 players of the Qualifier will play in an 800 point Championship tournament on Sunday.  The Winner of the Sunday event will be crowned the North American Firestorm Armada Champion.

Once again there will be custom Missions for the Saturday FSA event.  We are planning on using the missions and official play kits for the other games systems as most of them will be in their first year at Adepticon and it will let the T.O's of those tournaments really get a feel for how competitive play goes for those systems..

Stay tuned and there is a lot more for me to announce.  I am just letting it out a little at a time.  Got to build that hype and get stuff confirmed.  Players in the NA Championships can also look forward to the mission patch.  We have decided we like last years design so much that we are sticking with it as our official logo.  Tim Toolen of the Miniature Tim Blog out did himself.  This years patch will be updated though with the new date and a new color mix.

Stay tuned for more details!  Its going to be a big year for Spartan Games fans!

Until Next time crush the Alliance and as always


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