Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Post Gencon Round Up!

Greetings all. SeerK here once again. It has been a couple days since I got home from Gencon and either the Pathogen got to me or a Tohaa sniper with a viral weapon scored a critical hit. I have the con crud pretty bad. I guess I was due. I have done the past 5 conventions without any incident. Hot tea, NyQuil and lots of rest has been my day today. So since I am stuck at home I thought it would be a prime time to do my post Gencon update. I am also planning on going on the Hub Systems Podcast if I am feeling better as well as finally getting some recording in with Phil on Firebase Delta. Stupid real life. So what were the highlights for me at Gencon? The Corvus Belli Seminar and working with Spartan Neil and Spartan Derek at the Spartan Games booth of course. Lets take a look!

Thursday I worked in the U.S. Infinity Warcors section of the event hall. I was doing demos for eager players from 10 to 6 then ran an I.T.S. Tournament at 7. I was dubbed the “Iron Man”. It was a long but very fin day. I was glad to finally meet my fellow Warcors in person and hang out. Wednesday was especially fun as I was treated to some drinks by some fellow gamers and then had dinner with the Warcors team. The night continued, beer may have been involved, at a different location because I wanted to go hang out with Kip Purcell. You guys may know Kip from Mayacast. Sadly I was not able to get a game in with him this year, but we all had a damn good time.

Rick From Studio 343 pimping Halo
I was able to connect with the Spartan Crew on Wednesday after I got to the convention center. Although I was not working the booth until Friday I wanted to touch base and say hi to the gang. Sadly I can't really say a whole bunch about my conversations with Neil and Derek. All I can say is there is some pretty exciting stuff happening over the next few months and keep your eyes on Adepticon.

I got to try out Halo Ground Battles and I like it. The game plays fast and really retains the cinematic feel of the original video games. I especially like the over watch aspect. Being an Infinity player as well I know how to set up ARO's. The same principles apply. The models are also really gorgeous and very detailed for a 15mm model. I am looking forward to the next few months of Halo releases. The kits will contain all of your unit options and incorporate the modular design that Spartan has been doing on their newer models. I am going to be running some demos of both Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground command in Michigan over the next few months in Addition to spreading the good word of Firestorm Armada. Basically I am kind of developing a “Spartan Games Day” kind of format for my future demo days. It may require a bit more Space, but it will highlight all the games. I guess this means I need some Dystopian wars stuff.

Spartan Derek and Spartan Martin Doing Demos 
The Corvus Belli Seminar got me excited. Shock army is getting a new starter and some new models, including Kamau and ORC troopers. I am a bit disappointed the next sectorial for PanOceania is Varuna, but it will still be cool. I was hoping for Svalarheima. Nomad players are going to be getting some love. The taskmaster looks sweet and Bakunin is getting a total make over. New Moira's, Riot Girls and Moderators. All of this should be out by December. The Black Friar Model is uber sexy. I am also looking forward to Miranda Ashcroft finally getting a regular release model. No view of the 2017 ITS model, but we are mere weeks away.

I really liked the section Carlos did of “Ideas we have around the studio” the top one was CB possibly doing a game like Infinity, but in a fantasy setting. Real time D&D as it were. I think this would be interesting and gives games like Age Of Sigmar a run for its money.

Lets look at some pictures!

Carlos showing off models at the CB Seminar

Dire Foes 6 Leila Shariff For the Haqq side

New Shock Army starter

Varuna ORC Trooper 

mmmmm Overdron

New Riot Girls

New Morlock Gruppe

New Sin Eater

Bakunin Starter

Task Master

Task Master render

Carlos, Fernando and Angel in the Q&A part of the Seminar

Its all in the Reflexes 

Big Teddy at the Wyrd Games booth

Well that's all for now. The Adepticon room is booked and we have some big big plans for 2017. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I have to though, as its top secret and will ruin the surprise. Needless to say its going to be very fun and blow some minds!

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always


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