Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Infinity: Tagline

Greetings all! SeerK here to talk Infinity in this installment. Specifically I am talking about the special I.T.S. Narrative event that recently went live. The Tagline Narrative follows the story of Toni Macayana and her death at the hands of an Umbra Samaritan Hacker named Nourkias. The local group plays Infinity in addition to Firestorm Armada so we decided to follow up our escalation league with the Tagline event. Now the Tagline Narrative is set up to be a tournament. It is not set up like the I.T.S. Leagues are so there is only a single code. You are required to do 3 rounds, but you may add 2 more. In this case we are doing all 5 rounds, but doing one round a week. I have the Event set up in the system at the finish date so I will have to manually enter the results, but doing it this way allows you to really enjoy the narrative and run this event as a campaign. Lets dive into the Paradiso conflict and The story around one of the most beloved characters in the game of Infinity.

I am not an old salt when it comes to Infinity. I have played since N3 came out so I have not been able to play with Toni Macayana like the veterans did in N2. For those of you not in the know Toni Macayana is a T.A.G. Pilot in the Panoceanian army, specifically the Shock Army of Acontecimento. She pilots a Stingray series 6 “Tikbalang” T.A.G which she nicknamed “Eduardo”. She is a veteran of many campaigns and a damn good pilot and she knows it. During the 2nd Paradiso offensive she was involved in a battle which saw her in the remote presence cockpit for an extended period. You see all PanOceania T.A.G.s are remotely piloted like a drone. Think of the control system that is more like a Jaeger from the movie Pacific Rim though. You are neurally linked to the T.A.G. Which makes the pilot susceptible to fatigue to the extreme and in some cases vulnerable to attacks by hackers that can prove lethal.

This is what happened to Toni Macayana. An Umbra Hacker was able to kill Toni using her T.A.G. As an access point to her cockpit which was miles away. She was killed by neural feedback. This started a movement once it went public via groups of hackers releasing classified information about the Paradiso conflict. You see information coming out of the Paradiso conflict was very controlled. PanOceania had blundered several key missions and lost a key strategic point in addition to loosing 5 Remote T.A.G. Pilots. Toni was a war hero and her loss was a major loss of face.

So the group will be playing the 5 mission narrative and see how it turns out. I like “historical” campaigns as you always end up having games that go completely the different way than the established history. We have the benefit in this campaign as we have several Combined Army Players to match up with the Major powers of the Human Sphere. I plan on running Shock Army for this so we have at least one totally in theme force. I actually am looking forward to running two Tikbalangs in the first mission. I ran one finally this past weekend and it performed rather well even with a plethora of repeaters on the table.

I am actually looking forward to seeing these missions played out. There is some complexity and interactions that are popping up that I have not seen before. Join The Tagline, the second mission, has rotating Zones of Operations. There are 4 on the table and each player makes a D20 roll to determine which one is their assigned zone. So you basically have 4 zones, but only 2 of them are Zones of Operation. These two zones are the only ones you can dominate and score points in. The added element is the Hack communications element. Each player makes a normal WIP roll using the highest WIP of the specialists currently in contact with one of the 4 consoles on the table. The winner draws a card from the classified deck. Whether the number on the card is odd or even determines which direction the enemy assigned quadrant moves. So the Zone you are trying to control can move.

I will be reporting on each weeks mission and how it went down as we play them. It should be interesting. We have gone into full swing planning for Adepticon. Next time I am going to start talking about each individual event. We will be starting with the new events and end with the big show. The 3rd Schaumburg Prime Offensive. The North American Firestorm Armada Championships return to Adepticon. Bigger and better than ever. More on that next time

Until then crush the Alliance and as always...


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