Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Da Kaybawl Of Da Big Teef: My New Orky Kabal

There was a lot of orky action at the FLGS this past Saturday. I was able to get a couple games in and one of them was the official first game of my new ork army. I had a revelation after a rather late night phone call from Old School Terminator. I have a bunch of old Dark Eldar raiders, warriors and so on and so fourth. I inherited them from OST when I decided to start playing Dark Eldar again, which was several months before the new version of the codex came out.

The revelation was I should use them. OST did not want to see them languishing in my bits box. I use them occasionally, because I have a ton of them, for bigger games involving lots of warriors, but they just sit mostly. OST suggested using them as looted vehicles. The the idea hit me. Orks inspired by the dead killyness of a Kabal/ Wych cult raid on their planet. So a new Waagh! is started by:

Da Kaybawl Of Da Big Teef!

I am going to start the process of converting my raiders into looted Ork trucks. The army is going to be a combination of Bad Moons and Snake bites. In fact the Warboss is going to be a Snakebite with his Nobs that decided to hook up with a Bad Moon big mech. The left overs of a two ork camps that were hit by the Wych Cult of Strife. Big Mek Uzgrub Szazmek is obsessed with “dem ded killy pointy earred gits” and their impressive Truks. Boss Murdoc “Da Big Porka” uglutz and his Thunder Porka Boyz are looking to get revenge for the raid and kill “dem beasties that shredded up da boyz” and prove to those flashy bad moons that they old ways are the best ways.

I got in a game with the local Warboss Matt and his boyz. We played a 1500 point game in a good old pitched battle for kill points. I had first turn and set up my army pretty close together as my mek boy had a custom force field. I had 2 truk mobs of boys, a mob of 12 burna boyz, a mob of boyz with the warboss and my mob of nobz on “bikes” aka da thunda porka boyz.

I should have kept the thunda porkas near the force field area of effect. Matt is quite the orky sniper in the shooting phase. I lost one nob to rocket fire from one of his def koptas. The two battle wagons gunned it forward with the warboss and his boyz and the big mek and the burna boyz. One of the truks stayed behind and the boyz in it piled out to deal with the other def koptas.

After the opposing orks moved forward and hit the exposed units with a torrent of dakka my boyz moved forward. This is where it went all wrong. The opposing warboss got out of his battle wagon with his nobs. They then charged both the battle wagons. The burna boyz wagon was immobilized and the other actually took no real damage. The real issue was when I decided to try and ram the closest battle wagon and deff rolla the warboss and his nobs that were in the way. Da Boss proved that he was A Boss by grabbing the incoming battle wagon by the def rolla and flipping it over. He and da ladz had a laugh at the 2 nobs that got squished in the process. The Burna boyz were removed the following turn from their transport. The Warbosses managed to also kill each other in an even power claw exchange. Sadly when the Big meks hit each other mine never got to swing thanks to his ded killy power claw.

Da Thunda Porkas survived most of the game. They took a lot of fire though and all had a wound by the time they reached da scappin. They went down fighting though. I really do have to put a warboss on a Thunda Porka to beef up the squad and leave all the vehicles based squads to the Big Mek

I am looking forward to converting up all my raiders into Truks. I am also looking forward to putting all these old Dark Eldar bits to good use. I will post pics as I get them modded up.

Until next time....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls............... ….....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!


  1. Dem Big Toof boyz put up a dead 'ard skrap. We'z is lookin forward to fightin dem again.

    Really good game Josh and nice battle rep. Can't wait to see what you do with the raider-trukks.
    - Matt

  2. Yeah it was a good and more importantly fun learning experience.

    I can't wait to get gubbins to make dem radiers all kustom like.