Sunday, September 4, 2011

Round The World: A Good Weekend Of Gaming

Well its been a whirlwind weekend for old SeerK.  I have been off of  work since noon on Thursday.  I went up to Lansing to visit and of course play some 40K.  I started off by meeting up with CVinton of Dark Future Games and headed over to The Fortress in East Lansing.  This is not my usual FLGS as I am usually found playing at Evolution games across town.  A change of scenary is nice once and a while. There was a sense of battle in the air as well, mainly because Michigan States first home game of the season was also happening,

I got in a good Ard'boyz game in with CVinton.  He had won the prelims at evo with his Imperial guard.  A mech list that included 9 scoring units.  I used the Craftworlders.  I was using two seer councils.  The game was a slug fest that had CVinton emerge the winner, but the toll taken on his army was severe.  I made a couple of Tactical errors that probably costed me the game, but it was fun regardless.  I also took the opportunity to buy my first dose of Finecast...........More on that later in the week.  Needless to say I am less than impressed and GW owes me 2 models.  Not because they were messed up, but because they were missing.

Saturday night 40K at Evolution games was busy.  Its nice to see the resurgence now that the summer is over.  FarSeer Re-Rolls and his Blood Angels based marines challenged me to a 2500 point game.  I decided to use my other possible Ard'Boyz List.  Its basically my Webway List with a 3rd Haemonculus, a fully decked out unit of 10 Incubi and 2 Ravagers with a full complement of Dizzy's.
The game ended on turn 4 when Farseer ReRolls scooped.  The Marines went down hard.  I claimed one of his dice as a trophy.  Sadly I think the rematch is going to be rough as now victory is a matter of honor and one of his chapters sacred relics is now in my possession.

Samsquatch Monster and I were also supposed to get a game in, but it was kinda late and w decided to hit the pub instead.  I also got a look at the new Ogre Kingdoms book and models.  I have to say they have me convinced finally.  I am going to start playing Fantasy.  I think I may have been scooped though as it looks as if Old School Terminator has beat me to the punch and already made an initial purchase.  The model that really convinced me was the Stonehorn.  Its dead sexy and with a hunter mounted on it, even more deadly.  Its a good thing I only have to get some Razor wings for the Webway List.

I am slowly building the orks for use in a Tournament coming up in November, don't quote me on that I will double check, called the "Back To Basics" tournament, being hosted at Evolution games and run by SamSquatch Monster.  Its a 1500 point basic force organization tournament using the basic missions.  Its great if you are new to the game or new to tournaments.  Its also nice for those of you still feeling out an army.

Well that was my weekend, its time to recover and try to get motivated to start painting Dark Eldar.  I also have a display board project I am going to start soon.  It is for the Webway Army when I take it to Adepticon this comming year.   Next time my first experience with Finecast.

Until then...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls...................... ..........WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Scooped, Firsted and beaten to the punch! HAHAHA! In all seriousness, they are great models and seem to have a great book. I think we can now muster enough fantasy that we should be able to whip some models around locally as well.