Monday, September 19, 2011

The 12th Foundation Of Vengeance: Suffering

Its been a little while since a Foundation of Vengeance has been laid down. We are nearing the end. This time we cover the 12th Foundation of Vengeance. With the semi final rounds of ard boyz done, congrats to OST for taking 8th out of 30 with his Death Wing and CVinton for taking 12th in his semi final round, I have been seeing a lot of hate going out in the tournament circuit towards specific armies. I have also heard from people playing in tournaments that people playing the army they usually play are acting like mega douches to them and their other opponents.

Yes Grey Knights is the flavor of the moment, but all the “hardcore” Grey Knights players will switch as soon as the latest thing comes along. We have talked about dedication in the Foundations of Vengeance ad we have also talked about patience. Both of these foundations go hand in hand with the 12th Foundation of Vengeance. Suffering.

I speak not of making your enemy suffer. This is the point of vengeance as a whole. No I speak of the suffering you must endure to make your plans come to fruition. Many players suffer and endure it merely by choice in army. I have been playing Eldar since 2nd edition. There is a pretty sharp learning curve for Eldar. You have to muddle and suffer your way thru new editions of the game and new versions of the codex to find the fine balance the army requires to run it effectively. The same thing goes for when other codex’s come out and you have to find new ways to fight your enemy. The real key is not to suffer and mope about complaining about the new flavor of the month or how cheesy an army is. Granted this me me calling the kettle black as anybody that plays with me on a regular basis knows my hatred for Space Marines. You must harness the suffering and turn it into a constructive thing. Fighting battle after battle against Grey Knights may seem like a cruel game if you loose every one. Every game is a learning experience and shows you weakness and how to exploit it.

Every game you play makes you a better player. You learn new strategy, how rules work in weird situations and new ways to use your units. You also learn about other armies. Play as much as you can and have fun, but at the same time don't forget the lessons. That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

Suffering also extends into the hobby portion of 40K. There are far to many people not taking the time to paint their own miniatures. I can understand if you can't paint well or want a character to look immaculate. To many people look at painting and such as a chore and suffer thru it. I think this makes it easier for people to skip from army to army. Painting is a labor of love and when you sit down and paint your army up you form a bond with it. You “suffer” thru and paint every last model in the army. You feel accomplished, like all the labor was worth it. Its also a good bonding experience with other hobbyists. Sitting down on a weekly basis with The Stormlord and Mr.O is the whole reason I have 6000 points plus of Craftworld Eldar painted. If you suffer thru it all of a sudden its not so bad and you start to even enjoy it. SO the key is in everything, endure.

So stick to it. Keep playing Eldar or Tyranids or Sisters of Battle. Endure what was done to your codex's. Stay dedicated to the cause. Paint that horde army and marvel how your green, or whatever color tide it is, looks on the table. Wait Patiently and endure the suffering, For we are one step away from Vengeance.

Next time I hope to have a report about my first Fantasy Game. I want to try out the rules with a small skirmish between myself and Mr. O and his skaven using the Island of Blood set I bought this past week.  Also Everybody cross your fingers, pray to the Emperor or sacrifice something to the chaos gods that the car I found does not fall through so I have some new wheels later this week.

Until next time............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls................ …....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Eldar has been my sole army for the last six years, wouldn't trade them for anything, though I do get envious of some of the ridiculousness that new codexes seem to have.
    I also agree that painting/modeling forms a bond with the army. I have several little space elves that have names and stories or were modified to reflect their action in past games. Like my lone Guardian that held off a near full squad of Assault Marines and a Chaplain by himself long enough for the rest of my army to gut the Marines on the other end of the table.
    If there is no connection to one's army, I could see (provided you can afford it) jumping codexes every 6-8 months. Hate it, but I can see it.

  2. but but the lance-fail ....

    ok I'm suffering that particularly badly at them moment.

    Rule of thumb: decide how many lances you think you will need to deal with a target , then triple it. IF its av12 , has cover and or is a GK vehicle your suffering will be long and bitter.

    Good article BTW, I'm just starting to appreaciate that enduring does pay off , at least painting an army wise, nothing I do short of weighting my dice is going to help 'the lance curse'

  3. Yeah the fail lance has been cut out of my lists completely. Wyches with haywire grenades are far more effective. I go with dizzys now as it makes power armor cry.

  4. Is the S8 spam really that ineffective?

  5. It can be effective, its just very hit and miss, it can be a real struggle sometimes. Which has implications competitively and vs certain list types.

    Its especially annoying when they are able to kill you back first time every time...

  6. It just amazes me they put no limit on Psycannon spam, or a limit to psi ammo. It's dishearenting when Kharn gets punked by some rand and file slob who made him T3 with a grenade and there's nothing you can do about it. @ Ard Boyz I leanered the ahrd way what Crowe can do when Pedro Cantor killed him (had no choice as IC must fight when possible during initial reaction)...all Crowe needs is a hit and a easy pyschic test and you don't even get an invulnerable save (so much for your Iron Halo, Pedro). Gee, it's Lukas in GK armor.Utter shit.