Thursday, September 22, 2011

No deployment..... Get back to WAR

Hello friendly wargamers, This is Seven returning from a small hiatus. I was supposed to deploy September first.....but that got canceled with Obama’s scale down.

I wanted to write a post about returning back to the hobby and getting back motivated to play & paint. The month prior to my expected deployment was devoted to training and preparing my affairs for my absence. It took nearly two whole months for me to really look at anything 40k related let alone go back down to the FLGS.

The first few days, I had very little interest in my expensive hobby and was finding it difficult to get back down to my FLGS. I had considered starting a new army and selling off my Eldar, as they Seemingly didn’t hold my attention like they used to anymore.

It was sort of depression like feeling. The army that I put so much commitment to was as flashy as it once was. (in mental image at least, I have a notoriously bedazzled army.)

Oddly one of things that pushed me back into playing is my natural hate of space marines. Once my blood was boiling from viewing battle reports online, I was impassioned to mete out some extra terrestrial hatred. Funnily enough the time away I think did some good, The fresh eyes effect is dramatic.

Has anyone else had any success with changing their point of view to overcome loss of interest”

Without further ado I present the newest addition to the council, up close and personal. By the way there is no straight black on this model sadly, the blue-black doesn't show too clearly.

He needs an impressive name........I was thinking.......



  1. I would go with Allejandro.

    That way you can sing that annoying song whenever he does something cool.

  2. Welcome back sir. I was getting lonely here on the blog. Despite the fact you and the Stormlord are contributors its been just me. Now to kick the stormlord in the ass.

    I like the new Addition. I would have gone with Bruce myself.

  3. lol, Edwardo. That's a great name for a warlock!

  4. I've found that incorporating a new unit into my collection has brought my zeal back at times. I think players kind of get stuck in how they play their games and adding something new can change how the whole battle flows. Warp Spiders are the most recent squad that did this. They operate very unlike any other Eldar unit, and that really brings some fun into it. I would love to figure out a way to make Shining Spears the ass-whoopin' that no one saw coming, but I haven't quite had luck with them other than stomping some Tau which isn't that big of an accomplishment.