Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ogre Kindoms: You Are Whats for Dinner.

I think having limited funds has driven my need to buy models into over drive. Once again I am being lured into the weird realm of Warhammer Fantasy. I played many many years ago. I think it was basically a by product of working for GW and always loosing the inevitable paper, rock , scissors battle to run the store fantasy events and game day. I actually read all the rule books and sadly knew the rules for all the current GW games. This lead to me running Fantasy and it grew on me for a while. I even inherited an entire High Elf army that I salvaged from the boss's, Painter extraordinaire Jake Vlemix, bits collection. You aren't baller until you can pull an 1850 point 40K or 2000 point Fantasy army from your bits box. So despite the lack of players I am going to delve into fantasy again. Makes you a sort of black sheep in a store dominated by 40K.

I have been contemplating which army to start collecting. Of course I am drawn toward the High Elves. I like my elves I have to confess, be them in space or cutting humans the old fashion way. Chaos warriors is also tempting, but rather plain. As I stated before Ogres Kingdoms is what is really doing it for me. After I buy and Island of blood set I am going to start collecting my Ogre horde, with some High Elves on back up.

I am going to start the horde off with a battalion box and a couple boxes of Mournfang Calvary. I plan on getting a slaughter master and a butcher as well as a Tyrant. I want to add a Stonehorn as well. I know OST is being different and using the thundertusk, but I have a weak spot for hunters and I don't want him all by himself, he needs a big buddy.

I think I would be remiss if I did not include the artillery of doom known as The Ironblaster. Strength 10 Grape shot. Really? Thats ignorant. I really like the model though. All the gubbins and extra stuff you can add to the model adds real character.

So as I get models and get them assembled I will post pictures. I will also hopefully get a couple games in soon and post up some battle reports. Mr. O and his Skaven will be my warm up, probably followed by The Stromlords Bretonians. I also look forward to playing OST when he is back from the east coast.

Well next time I will get back to the foundations of Vengeance. The 12th Foundation of Vengeance is upon us. Suffering will be our next Foundation.

Until next time....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls.................... ….......WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh my god look what i have started.....Muwhahahaahahahaah. This reminds me of a garage a few years back way down in South Carolina when i got someone we all know and love back into 40k. I swear i am a bad influence on peoples pocket books. Well anyhow fantasy is a blast and i hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i do along with 40k.

  2. Yeah its been a while since I played Fantasy, hell not since my GW days in Detroit. OST's enthusiasm about it has infected me. I have a feeling High Elves will be built at the same time as the Ogres. I actually just picked up Island of Blood as My roommate plays Skaven and I really like the new HIgh Elf Plastics.

  3. The new plastics are Amazing i have some here from a box i got on the cheap mainly for the skaven. I may be getting rid of the skaven now though i have too many armies have to liquidate and concentrate on one at a time so i can actually have something fully painted and not just a ton of different shit painted everywhere. I have some elves from that box im not using as well from the IOB box if you like sea guard i might send them back with OST i think hes been eying the griffon for something.....sinister...........

  4. yikes terrible grammar on that one its too damn late hahaha...........