Friday, September 9, 2011

My First Finecast Foray: Dark Eldar Wracks.

Well I had my first experience with Finecast finally. I purchased 2 boxes of Wracks for use in my webway list. As I laid out the contents of the box I found that I was actually missing a Wrack from each box. This was kind of a strike one. I have been shorted parts only once before and Gw did take car of it. In fact the number of Rangers in my Eldar army double thanks to that. I called Customer service and once again they took care of it and I have a box of Wracks on the way for free.

With all the hate on GW out there, myself dishing out a bunch included, I do have to say I have never had any issue when calling GW customer service or Forgeworld. They have always been very courteous and have taken care of my issues. So I started into the models. One aspect I do like is the sprue. The fill channels are very thin and most of them had snapped off already so clean up on the models was pretty easy. The bottom was another story. I have to get the good files out to clean up the flash on the feet. There is also bubbling like crazy on the bottom of the pants they are wearing. Granted not visible unless you pick up the model and look underneath.

The models fit together pretty seamlessly. The detail on the Wracks is nice. You also get a whole weapon sprue for the special weapons options for the Acothyst. This will be nice for arming your Haemonculi. I will have 4 of these sprue and 3 extra Wracks so I may start kit bashing to make a couple Haemonculi with the extra Wrack figures as I am not a real fan of the new Haemonculi model.

So despite the missing figures and the bubbling issue I am pretty pleased with the models. I am not real convinced GW has planned this out as well as they could. Granted they are producing models in way bigger numbers than Forgeworld, but the flaws in the resin are kinda bush league. I have some examples of weapons cast from home casting kits and they turn out great. Forgeworld kits also are pretty good in terms of casting errors. Its been thrown around that Finecast is GW's “New Coke” and that metal will come back as “Coke Classic” after people get pissed enough. Of course all of this is followed by a price increase.

Well I was hoping to have some Ogre Kingdom models for review as I start down my Fantasy adventure. Sadly My Wave Serpent, also known as My Spec V Nissan Sentra, was immobilized by a Teen age girl driving a Grand Prix. SO as I look for a new ride the model budget has gone to nil.

Wish me luck. Next time I hope to have some pictures of the assembled Webway list. I am still searching for Razorwings. Apparently GW discontinued the model as soon as it came out. I will also have a review this weekend of Gav Thorpes new book “Path Of The Seer”.

Until next time...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls............................ …...........WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!


  1. I would guess that they are casting the models upside down to help move the bubbles to the bottom side of the model to minimize the chance of lost vital detail (like the missing chins and noses) in the first batches.

  2. Sorry your Nissan Wave Serpent was rammed, that sucks. I hope you're able to work things out quickly, good luck to you. Nice to hear though that GW customer service did a good job taking care of the issue with your Wracks. I guess their customer service reps have had a lot of practice with that sort of thing over the past few months.

  3. Yeah eric I can see that. makes sense. Thank you Papa JJ. I am hoping to find an orky sort to buy it up for gubbins. After that I have to find a new ride.