Thursday, December 1, 2011

My First Game of Fantasy: Ogres vs The Stormlords Bretonians

Well I finally got in my first game of fantasy battle. The Stormlord finally finished his senior thesis and was fiending for a game of Warhammer Fantasy. He is slowly absorbing the Necron codex planning for my annihilation at the hands of his metal warriors. He brought his noble Bretonians lead by the most metal of all Bretonian Lords, Lord Kilmister. Rather than using my small collection of high elves OST let my use his Ogres. The Stormlord wanted to do a 2500 point game so it was logical to use the ogres since I don't have that many point of high elves yet. Sadly my first game did not go well.

I had the Imitative and took the first turn. I set up my big unit of Ogres next to the Iron Blaster with the Unit of Iron Guts on the other side in the center of the table. My Firebelly was put in with the ogre unit while the Slaughter Master was in with the Iron Guts. Thanks to me not paying attention I forgot to set up the 4 man unit of Mournfang Calvary after I had placed the Thunder Tusk on the left flank and the Gnobblar Scrap Launcher, I had 144 points left to fill and ran out of models, on the right flank behind the Lead Belchers.

Lord Kilmister was in the center of the Bretonian battle line His archers where in the right corner while a picket line of spear men formed a protective wall in front of his Damsel and Trebuchet. Two big units of Knights of the Realm flanked the lord with a unit of Grail Knights and the Grail Reliquary next to them.

I marched my units forward trying to keep my distance to avoid the devastating charge of the Knights. The winds of Magic were not kind giving me only 3 power dice. I hit the Ogre unit with Tooth cracker to give them a little more toughness in the event of a charge the following turn. I lined up the Iron Blaster on Lord Kilmister and it hit just short, but the bounce took out the Lord dealing 4 wounds.

This did not dishearten the Bretonians. In fact it really pissed them off. The Knights surged forward. The Grail Knights made a successful charge on the Thunder Tusk The Knights of the realm unit closest to the Ogre unit moved to set up a possible charge next turn. The Trebuchet Fired into the Iron blaster hitting it dead on and dealing 4 wounds. The Damsel was blessed in the magic phase with 10 power dice and cast a spell which sucked 4 ogres and the Fire Belly into the ground and death. Sadly it was also cast with irresistible force so I could not dispel it. The Damsel also survived the miscast. Close combat saw the death of the Thunder Tusk despite the chill aura

The Mournfangs did not arrive from reserve sadly. My Ogre Unit charged the closest Knight of the realm unit While the Lead Belchers positioned themselves to fire upon the other unit of Knights. The Ironguts moved to into position to hit the Knights of the realm unit engaged with the Ogre unit. The Winds of magic were very giving as I got 11 power dice. I tried to hit the Grail Reliquary with the Maw. It was dispelled. So I Hit the Ogre unit with Bullgorger and Tooth Cracker. The iron blaster attempted to stop the momentum of the Grail Knights no bearing down upon it, but only managed to kill 2 with a shot of grape shot. The Scrap launcher was basically useless going wide in its second use.

We went 2 turns basically. The Grail knights slammed into the Iron blaster destroying it while the knights of the realm unit beat down the ogres. The Green Knight hit the board and laid waste to the scrap launcher while the Lead Belchers broke after being charged by the other Knights of the realm unit.

I scooped as I saw no real chance for victory or survival for that matter. The Mournfangs would be mince meat as soon as they hit the board as I could not declare a charge when they arrived and most of the army was fleeing or surrounded.
It was fun and a great learning experience. I made some glaring tactical errors, not spreading out my army more to avoid getting surrounded like I did for one, and I am sure we did some things wrong, but hey it was the first game I have played in 12 years. I will now be building the high elves at a faster rate. I also acquired a nice haul of Orks from The Judge so look for some Kabal of Da Big Teef updates soon.

I am also going to be doing a series on DFG in collaboration with OST. I found 2 campaign packs that were put out by the Temps Fugitives a well known game club in the UK. It was done as a weekend campaign detailing the major battles of the Horus Heresy. The stats and such are not official GW, but OST, Vogrin and I may be running these series of battles over the next 2 months. I am going to start painting the Bike Council I have in primer as well as I build it towards 10 and gearing up for the team tournament at Adepticon.

Until next time...............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


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