Thursday, December 15, 2011

Imperial Armour 11 Has Landed

The Doom of Mymera has landed.  Imperial Armour  11 ships tomorrow.  Sadly I have to wait for my copy.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands on it.  It looks like we have the new Craftworld of Mymeara along with corsairs and Alaitoc.  More Imperial guard are included as well as the Space Wolves Great company of Bran Redmaw.

So we will have a complete Corsairs army list as well as final stats for the Shadow Specters and the Phoenix Lord.  I would imagine there is a crazy Space Wolf Character or two as well. Once I get a copy to read, which should be soon if I know Farseer Re-Rolls, I will give a run down and my opinion on the new stuff.

Has anybody else noticed that Alaitoc seems to at the forefront of the fluff as of late.  The Path Of series Gav Thorpe is writing and now an Imperial Armour book.  Alaitoc is also cited several times in the new Necron codex as being active in hunting tomb worlds and destroying them.  I wonder if they are going to be the poster children of the Eldar for 6th edition.

I guess we shall see.  Well Next time I will have a battle report.  I broke out Da Kabal uf Da Big Teef while I was up at the FLGS and squared off against our own BigMek SkrapKlaw.  Once again he established the orky pecking order on the blog.  I am also hoping to have another post up on DFG this week.  I have had requests from several players at the shop, Vogrin included, to run the Age of the Emperor campaign I ran across, that was put out by the Tempus Fugitives.  More on that later, and probably on Dark Future Games.  I also may have a rant about Ebay and Paypal this week.  Once I calm down about my funds being held.

Until then..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Got my copy today. Gave it a quick glance before passing along to the wife for wrapping :(. Looks like a great book. The phoenix and nightwing got much needed point reductions which is the biggest thing I was hoping for from the book. Corsairs are interesting as well being able to take a heavy and a special per 5 guys (so 2 missiles/cannons and 2 fusion guns/flamers per squad)