Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kabal of Da Big Teef Update: We gots us some Vehicles.

My hobby Table is overrun with orks!
After spending a couple days up at the FLGS this past week I felt the hobby bug start to wake up again. Given the fact I will be returning from the path of the outcast back to the Craftworld as it were, I am moving back to Lansing in February, I decided to start cleaning out the closet and start consolidating the miniatures collection a bit for transport. I unpacked the newly acquired orks that I got from The Judge an placed them with the others. I started digging thru the Dark Eldar bits I have, old and new, and inspiration took hold. Methinks that a break from the Eldar is needed, modeling wise, as I have grown uninspired assembling and attempting to paint them. The Kabal Of Da Big Teef is finally going to get worked on consistently and is fulfilling its original purpose. Getting my hobby drive kick started again.

So I give you some of the, very early, conversions and models I am doing fro the army. The army itself is kind of divided into two camps. You have BigMek Urchon Bigtoof and his Dethskullz boys on one side and Boss Lubgrub Bigtusk and his Snakebite boys on the other. They are the survivors of a failed Dark Eldar raid on the planet these two groups were currently living on after the space hulk they were riding crashed. The BigMek was impressed by how shooty and Hurty the Dark Eldar weapons were. He also wondered how they could go so fast without bein red. Da boss puts up with the BigMek because he has more boys with him and his Nobs or “OrKubi” are dead killy.

The Mech and his boys are going to be loaded up in “truks” and a battle wagon while Da boss and his boys will be riding “bikes”. I have to make the boss yet as I have to find a suitably big boar for him to ride. I am thinking a Rhinox or even A Razagor from the Beastmen line.

I converted the first trukk using an old style Dark Eldar Raider. A battle wagon sprue and a whole ork Truk were then kit bashed into the ramshackle vehicle before you. As a car guy I had to make all the controls and drive train look at least 90% legit or else it would bug the ever living crap out of me. I am going to add some Grots hanging off or possibly some boyz in the same style as the warriors on the new raiders.

The Battle wagon I got already assembled so I am adding lots of spiky Dark Eldar bits and weapons. The grot riggers will ride on the old raider platforms welded to the rear of the wagon. I have been trying to ass some weapon pods from a new ravager I have form a big bits lot I got. We will see if I can make it work. Since the battle wagon is the personal ride of the BigMek I want it to be dead shooty and killy, or at least look the part.  Its still not done, its missing something and I have not figured out what to do really.  I am sure it will come to me as I build and go thru my bits boxes.

Well there ya go My Kabal of Da Big Teef update. As I get some more stuff converted I will update. I also have the Bike council I need to start painting and finish buying and building. I am on the hunt for cheap jet bikes to finish the council and flesh out the two small guardian jet bike units in the list.
More on that as I get stuff done.

Until then

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. nice work on the conversions, The big hurty' boys are gonna be a pain to deal with.

    I do like the thought of some ork boys flying around on some reavers that they had ramshackled back together. Although somehow it seems like many orks had been harmed in the fine tuning of this technology

  2. That trukk looks...... AWESOME!! The looted vehicles are coming together nicely. Cant wait to face the Kabal again.

  3. Thank you guys. I am deciding what to do for truck number 2. I am almost thinking like a twin rotor def kopter.