Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Eldar Pics!

So we finally have a glimpse of a couple of the new toys.  Our big oval base critter and a small picture of a flyer.


I am kind on the fence about the Wraithknight.  I guess we will see how I feel once i get one in my hands

So looks like we have a supplement out of the gate.  I wonder if this is an Ipad only product or if it will be a book as well.  The real good bit is the Awesome cover art in this picture though and the small pic of one of our Flyers who will be gracing the cover of White Dwarf Next month.

I am excited now.  The anticipation is starting to get unbearable.

Until Next Time

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aw crap. There goes my kickstarter money.

  2. I personally like the Wraithknight's look. Though, I am a sucker for that style of helmet/head. Looks shockingly similar to the Riptide's build though.
    And it looks like one of our flyers is making a little peek on the WD cover there...

  3. On the supplement, I could see GW releasing the supplements for all the little sub factions. Eldar Craftworlds, Marine chapters, IG types, Ork clans, Tyranid Hive Fleets, etc. lots of money to be made, as well as expanding the diversity of armies.

  4. Yeah true. I almost wonder if they are doing books like the suppliments for fantasy battle which are mostly art and fluff. regardless I will probably buy them like a sap.

    I am eager to see the weapon loadouts and armor values or the knight and the flyers.

    The Wraithknight looks to have a big lance weapon with some scatter lasers in shoulder mounts. I agree though it does share visual ques from the riptide

  5. I hope those are two Scatter Lasers instead of one twin linked. Something this big will have to really kick out some jams to make it worth fielding since my gut instinct tells me this is probably a heavy support choice.

  6. The wraithknight looks pretty super-heroic but the heads kinda small -- that's the classic wraith construct look, having a big featureless sloping head. i don't think i like it...
    And the mini-supplements would be nice to diversity and fluff and all, as long as they aren't like $30+ a piece just for that, which I'm sure they will be. It's bad enough to have all new expensive codices that are mandatory... Wish I'd have had the forsight when I was 12 to buy GW stock...

  7. Yeah think the head is not doing it for me either. Guess it will be time to get creative when I get my hands on one :-)

  8. I would also like to add that the Knight looks to be 115 bucks and the fighter 65.

    the supplement is as much as the codex :-/