Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Floodgate Opens: Eldar Return With A Vengeance

Ok kids more pics.  I don't even know where to start.  Unlearn your army now because its going to be different.  Shuriken catapults that ignore armor on a 6?  D weapons on flyers? Close combat Wraithguard? The Wraithknight is how big?  its a whole wave of confirmed images and rules.  OMG! I cant wait til white dwarf hits this week!

So It has an option for "Sun Cannons" hvy 3 str 6 ap2 !
Hemlock wraithfighter...I think

The sword replaces one of the wraith lances, and is as big as a wraithlord, the sword that is

Mmmmmm Close combat Wraithguard
New Special Character Illic Nightspear, mentioned in Necron codex

So new kind of D gun, prepare to receive the D Monkeigh scum!

Hemlock options
cockpit details and weapons
Finally a Spiritseer.  New HQ maybe or wraithguard squad leader

So there you go some nice tidbits.  Rules...well rules I will talk about when i have them in my hands.  reguardless its a new ball game Seers and Autarchs.  unlearn your current meta and embrace the rise of the Sons and daughters of Khaine.

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My brothers will join the ranks of the greater good.

  2. I have my fingers cross the the D-Scythes are those "D Flamers" I've been wanting.
    And holy crap, that Wraithknight is a baby Titan. He's going to need his own case!

  3. Indeed, its apparently 3 or 4 inches shorter than a revenant titan.

    The only greater good is that which keeps the children of Isha alive and masters of the galaxy. Also to crush the Necrotyr

  4. We're going to be crushing a lot more than Necrotyr. The Eldar were holding their own still, granted it was on a sliding slope. With this reboot, it is going to be a whole new game.
    And you're right, we are going to have to relearn the codex. This doesn't look like the changeover from the 3rd Ed to the 4th Ed codex at all, this is looking like a new dynamic altogether.

  5. $115 for the big guy, huh? Good thing I've been saving up... for 7 years.

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  6. Here's something I'm tossing around in my head. Seems like the WD indicates that big papa up there is a Monstrous Creature, not a Walker. I'm all for that, but the pictures seem to show 4 weapons. Curious about how that jazz is going to work. Granted, this thing is a given that it will have Interceptor, so I wonder if that is the reason it has two weapon systems. Or maybe it will have special rules that let it fire more weapons. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
    I also have a fear that the Wraithknight won't be in the main codex, but rather the Iyanden supplement. Or possibly with some kind of restriction. I hope not, but I want to see the actual codex entry for this thing before I fork over the cash to bring him home with me.

  7. I doubt gw would be crazy enough to force players to buy a whole extra book to use their biggest new kit. They want to sell as many as poss after all.

    Plus I have heard you can take a complete Iyanden army without the extra book. It is mainly extra fluff and missions apparently.

    Personally I am not sure about the Wraithknight as it is so big. Loving the Wrauthguard and the Hemlock/ Crimson Hunter though.

  8. Well it would seem that the sprirt seer unlocks wraithguard as troops. So you can literally do an entire true wraith army now. Sprirt seers, wraith guard, wraith blades, wraith knight, wraithfighter.

    Crap we found the theme.........

  9. @Phoenix83
    I agree that they wouldn't make it harder to use the Wraithknight if they wanted to sell a but load of them. It's just that Apocalypse is coming out soon, and the Ork Stompa isn't a regular codex unit. I have been told by my plastic crack dealer that it will be in the standard codex, so that soothes my fears.
    Yeah, the Iyanden book probably is just bonus fluff and missions. Especially since it is going to be Ipad only, at least initially. I was kind of hoping that there would be sub-codexes though.

    Yep, that seems pretty themey. Don't forget to add a splash of Phantom and Ghost in there. It seems we got the "haunted Craftworld" thing going on.

  10. These new models are so amazing. Makes me wanna get back into 40k so bad