Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Path of the Bonesinger: Storm Talon to Helicopter WIP Pictures

Storm Talon Conversion
Storm Talon converted to Apache helicopter.
I was asked to show the WIP shots for my Storm Talon conversion, so I am complying. I wish I had taken more pictures at various stages but I do have some that show my intent. Sorry if there is some quality issues with the images, many of them were snapped with my cell phone. Next time, I will be more diligent about shooting while working.
And, as requested by Minigiant, I also included some pictures of the box for the model plane I used for bits.

Plastic flatware makes some pretty decent rotor blades.


  1. I thought those blades looked familiar. I am a big fan of using WW2 models in conversions. its to bad I don't do Imperial Guard.

  2. I like to imagine that I would have an amazing IG army if I had gone that direction initially. I almost did, but the guy who got me into 40K was an IG player and I didn't want to pick the same army. No regrets though, having gone with Eldar.