Monday, August 5, 2013

So Many Projects So Little Time

Image by Florian Stitz
I will be posting an update for the campaign Wednesday. Lets just say the continuing battles against BigMek
SkrapKlaw did not go so well this past week. I wanted to give a little update about some non 40K stuff.

As you know we recently added an author to the blog to write about Warmachine. I have picked up about 40 points worth of Cygnar. This is mostly thanks to the swag bag at Adepticon this past year. Then thanks to eBay I picked up a unit of Long Gunners and 2 units of Stormguard. I also got a deal bits trading at Adepticon for a unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages. I also snagged a Kara Sloan Warcaster from the shop as they had one sans cards in the used case for $5 bucks.

So I have a nice shooty Cygnar force. I guess I really just need to pick up a couple different Jacks to really get the most out of Kara. Shooty ones. I have my eye on some Precursor Knights and Ol'Rowdy as I also have a Captain Coleman Stryker. I was warned that if I wanted to play friendly games at the shop I was not allowed to use Victoria Halley as a Warcaster. Tournaments is fine, but no friendly games. Which after reading her card I agree. She is kind of broken, especially when I plan on doing a shooting force.

I figure painting bright blues and such will be a good break for me in between painting the horde of Guardians I currently have on the table. So far the block of 40 I have on the table is all base coated and just needs the final layer and a little detail work. This brings the total up to 80 Guardian Defenders. I am going to run the Guardian wall at the Michigan GT in September I just have to figure out the Anti tank portion of the list.

I have several tanks on the table as well. I am building a StuG battery out of the Bridge to Bridge supplement for Flames Of War. I have about 9 StuG tanks and 3 StuH tanks as well as a King Tiger. I need to build a Pioneer Platoon, but I don’t think the infantry I have will be able to do a legal platoon. I may need to pick up a Pioneer platoon box.

I have my Rense System Navy Fleet almost done. One more blister of Frigates, a cruiser squadron, 2 blisters of Phoenix destroyers a dreadnought and a carrier will round out the fleet. I wanted to have it ready for UCON this year as I plan on running an event. I will need more ships though to run the event. Its a good thing the game is pretty inexpensive and most of the guys at the shop have ships.

So I am in full swing for hobby stuff. Its all on stand by at least for this week though as I am finally finishing school. This is my last week of class. Also wish me luck. As I write this I am waiting for a call back for an interview Wednesday. I had a good phone interview with Mahle Industries this morning and I am waiting for a call back for an interview time Wednesday.

Well More updates on the campaign later in the week.

Until then.........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure 'having more than I know what to do with' is part and parcel of these types of hobbies... I've got about £1,000 worth of stuff to be built/painted, some of it form 18 months ago :/

  2. I also run Sloan. For my first 15 points I went with Her, a defender, and 2 Hunters. Lots of heavy shooting.

  3. Yeah I was looking at those jacks. I was going to run foot trrops that dont block LOS to really give a layered offense and defense.

  4. The more I have been playing Sloan the more I like her. And yes there is a very strong stigma against both versions of Haley. She is quite good at what she does