Monday, July 29, 2013

War In Sector 135: SkrapKlaws Revenge

How is he?” Tanith Asked as he dismounted the Wave Serpent.

Farlin shrugged and tilted his head slightly. “As well as can be expected I suppose.” The Dire Avenger Exarch gestured to the Spirit Seer to follow and lead him into the small fortress the Warhost was using as a base of operations. They entered and walked down a short hallway before turning. Tanith could feel the energy flowing through the wraithbone of the bases structure.
We lost Ti'Fani in the battle. The blood lust of Khaine overtook her upon Delbaeth falling to the greenskins.”
Did you recover her stone?” queried Tanith.
Yes Seer we did, and Delbaeth was not dead.” The Exarch lead Tanith into a dark room. He stopped and gestured for Tanith to stay in the hall for a moment. Tanith stood, feeling the raw emotion flowing out of the room in waves. Farlin came out and spoke softly. “He is calm for now, I hope you can reach him.”
I will do my best, but the scaring runs deep. I can feel it from here.”
I will be coordinating our forces if you need me. The room down the hall on the left is the CNC.”
I thank you Exarch.” Tanith paused and spoke again before entering the room. “ If you could see to the cargo I brought with me.”
Of course Seer.” Farlin began to walk away but turned to face the Spirit Seer. “What are you planning that you require so much ? Also was that a Wraithlord in the stasis pod? Delbaeth isn’t dead as I stated earlier”
I am fulfilling a promise. That is all. Worry not Exarch the Wraith construct is not for the Autarch”
The Spirit Seer turned and walked into the room. Delbaeth sat at a table motionless and silent. “Autarch let us talk. Ti'Fani spoke well of you” Tanith sat across from the Autarch. “You have doubts I know, but with my help we shall overcome them together.” “My sisters vengeance cannot be carried out alone.......”

Well we had a battle royal this past campaign night. BigMek SkrapKlaw hit the webway gate to try and reclaim it. The remainder of my Warhost rallied to defend it. It would seem that revenge was the BigMeks intention though as he ram rodded his whole army strait towards my Autarch. In a genius move on my part I broke him off of the unit he was attached to to fusion gun the BigMechs battle wagon. I also Broke Ti'Fani off from the same unit of Dire Avengers and cast Death Mission. My ditzy farseer went super saiyen and began to pummel the other battle wagon at the front of the army. Now my intention was to bust open the wagon containing the big mech and then hose down the mob inside with shuriken fire. Sadly I missed with the fusion gun and rolled a 4 for my jet pack move. So I did get to poor a ton of fire into the mob to get it down to a manageable size, but it was after they charged and killed Delbaeth.

Two and a half units of guardians and my Dire Avengers killed most of the boys with the BigMek and then The Exarch, Farlin, wounded the BigMek in close combat. The orcs broke at combat resolution and the Avengers lived up to their name and cut down the BigMek and his remaining boyz in a hail of shuriken fire as they ran. Sadly as the orcs departed they lit up Ti'Fani and killed her. Her story is not over though. She is too entertaining.

Now with the orcs pulling out and in full retreat, the host of Nurgle Daemons that was also in this 4 way battle had to be dealt with. The gate was infested with Nurglings as the larger daemons advanced. Luckily I had an unspoken and undeclared non aggression pack with The Judge.....and his Grey Knights.

Needless to say Papa Nurgle retreated faced with my remaining Eldar and a Full 2250 point force of Grey Knight Terminators. The gate was held. I sadly had to abandon it. I had to leave and destroy the gate to prevent the forces of chaos from taking it or using it. This was the price of the Grey Knights help in the battle.

Small price to pay though. I now have my Warhost at its new hub. Spellduckwrong donated one for the cause. I am bringing in re-enforcements in the form of wraith units and a Spirit Seer. I am also bringing in Ti'Fani 2.0. Ti'Fani the Wraithseer.

We will see how things go. I am building a fortress of redemption on my hub so it is well defended. Combine it with the 500 point garrison we are allowed at the hub, for hub defense only, It should be able to repel some fair sized forces. Now that the Combined Craftworld force is consolidated a bit and regrouped we plan on really bringing the pain on our neighbors. Tune in next week for the update.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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