Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lets Talk Tournaments And Conventions.

SeerK here.  Although I am not a competitive player persay, I do enjoy a good tournament.  That said I
wanted to plug a couple events I will be attending and running.  First let talk about Michigans first ever GT.

The Michigan GT will take place September 28th and 29th here in good old Lansing.  Its a 2 day 1850 event.  Spots are filling up pretty fast.  details can be found at the Michigan GT website.  I plan on bringing the Eldar to play as long as I can get a spot in the tournament.  They have some nice sponsers lined up and the terrain is looking pretty choice.

The second event I will be at is UCON.  Once again I will be running events at UCON.  I will be doing the Craftworld Open once agian, but this year we are having a much more inclusive experience.  Stuff it still tentative as I get it hammered  out, but we will have more games and more events for War Games in general.

UCON will be taking place November 22-24 at the Marrriott Ann Arbor Ypslanti at Eagle Crest.  This is the 2nd year at this hotel and its a great venue.  Warmachine and Flames Of War are joining 40K in the line up this year.  I am attempting to add some other games as well.  PG_Hick is working hard to bring you a big Warmachine event.  More on that as it develops though.

The Craftworld Lansing Staff will be there in force.  I am pretty excited about this year and the good relationship building with the Staff behind UCON.  Its my hope that we can make a good local convention even better.  There are already a ton of cool events there.  Board games, Role Playing games, Card games and now War games.

Stay updated by visiting the UCON website.  I will have more information here as it develops as well.

Thats all for now.

Until next time.........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!

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