Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Autarchs Of Ulthwe And Other Thoughts

Well I have gotten in a couple more games and holy crap. My codex is good again. In the latest test I
squared off against The Judge and his Space Marines. The beating I put on the Emperors finest was pretty bad. I had two Night Spinners and A shadow Weaver battery in the back field and it was very effective in killing marines. Now I should mention it was a Hammer and Anvil deployment so I had plenty of time to hit him as he advanced.

I am kind of curious about if the FAQ is going to hit the monofiliment rule with the nerf bat. Its kind of worded weird and I have heard some arguments that that AP 1 on the auto wound 6 is only on models with Initiative 3 or less. I think its pretty clear the Initiative aspect of the rule is only for strength. Because of the wording I can see argument against it though.

Battle Focus played a big part in the game for my Guardians and my Warp Spiders. The Spiders took out a vindicator before being blasted by the other one. After one salvo of shuriken fire from one of my 20 man units cut a 10 man terminator unit down to 5 guys. It was pretty brutal. I do have to say that my Autarch was kind of lack luster. I think it is more how I equipped her. I am going to be sticking to my Warp Spider / Striking Scorpion Autarch.

Speaking of Autarchs the Store Campaign started this week. I have established control of my planet and have yet to repel any enemy forces. I am trying to link up with Spellduckwrongs Eldar at present. He gave Lord Solars Steve’s Kreig a major beat down in his first engagement. Inquisitor Vogrin was the first Warlord to get an achievement out of all of us. He must be watched closely.

We have been doing a lot of fluff for the campaign. We all had to come up with a background and such for our Warlord. We had to roll for a Warlord trait at the beginning of the camapign and it would be our Warlords trait for all the games to come. I have four Autarchs painted and equipped differently so I did backgrounds on all four. I choose based on my warlord trait, which is Tenacity, FNP within 3 inches of an objective. So I choose Delbaeth Windsword. For your reading pleasure I present “The Autarchs of Ulthwe”

The Autarchs or Ulthwe

The Craftworld of Ulthwe is guided by the Seer Council lead by Eldrad Ulthran. The Council guides the Craftworld along the skeins of fate to keep it from harm. When faced with battle the Council lends its strengths to the fight, but it is the Autarchs that lead the Craftworlds armies. Ulthwe currently has four that follow the path of leadership. Four Autarchs, with an advisory council of Exarchs from the Craftworlds Aspect Warrior shrines, wield the military might of Ulthwe. They are the best of their brethren. The fastest, the most cunning and the most lethal.

Fotla Starrider

Fotla has tread the path of the Banshee, the path of the Reaper and the path of the Avenger. She retains the mercurial temperament of her first Aspect. She is headstrong and known for her devastating full frontal assaults. She is known as “Vauls Hammer” to the Exarchs. Her close range attacks are preceded by intense bombardment from long range weaponry. She is often at odds with the decisions of the Seer Council especially when it comes to dealing with the Mon-Keigh. Her hatred of the humans is legendary. After the loss of her family at the Hands of the Space Wolves she goes out of her way to destroy them.

Delbaeth Windsword

Dalbaeth is a master strategist. Having tread the path of the scorpion, the path of the spider and the path of the dragon, he specializes in hit and run attacks and infiltration. He wields an army as if it were a weapon in his hand. Striking and feinting, herding the enemy where he wants them. Finally to destroy them utterly. He issues no warnings, shuns adoration and sees war as a task that must be completed without remorse or regret. He is who the Seers call on the most. He does not question the reasons of why and where the Seer tell him to strike. He does knowing that it is for the good of the Craftworld.

Nuada Mir

Nuada has tread the path of the Hawk, the path of the Avenger and the path of the Banshee. He is the calm and often the mediator between the other Autarchs. He seeks balance in all things. He is conservative and cautious when at war. He is often called upon to strengthen positions and guard the armies retreats.

Lugh Fireheart

Lugh is the oldest of the Autarchs. He has tread the path of the spear, the path of dragon and the path of the Hunter. This eclectic mix of paths gives him unique insights in planning a battle. He has tread the path of the warrior and the path of leadership for over 280 years. He has fought hundreds of races and foes in this time.

Until next time.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. Interested in your opinion of Night Spinners vs Fire Prism's. Did you choose them over prism's because of Barrage?

  2. Well the barrage and I wanted to experiment with the monofiliment rules. After using both the Night Spinner and Vauls wrath battery I have concluded the battery is better and way more cost effective in terms of points. Chances are I am going to run Prisms now or at least one prism since they can kill armor with extreme prejudice now. The list I ran was kind of lacking in armor killing capability. I am making some tweaks.

    I forgot to add that my shining spears really did a number on his army in the back field. I ran a squad of 7 and they eliminated a squad of sisters of battle and his termie librarian warlord.

    1. Tried Wave Serpent spam yet? Seems to be the go down here in Aus.

    2. Yes, mech Eldar is good. Though, I would argue that they have been really good since 6th edition started. At 1850 I was running six Wave Serpents, two Prisms and a Night Spinner. now that the new codex has come out and the points increased a tad, I have had to reduce my Serpents down to just five and re-evaluate their cargo.
      There is definitely shock value with the damage output of the new Serpents, but that will wear off eventually. Overall, I feel that the damage output of my previous list and my new list are fairly similar, they just have strengths in slightly different areas now. Though, I am still tabling opponents and I haven't lost in 6th Ed yet with a full Eldar mech list, old codex or new, it's just that now games are usually over on turn 4.
      My only lament about this whole situation though, is that I am starting to feel like my preferred way to play Eldar since 4th edition is now "unfriendly". I don't want to be a jerk like the guy that brings all Necron flyers to a friendly game, so my mech list might have to be set aside for competitive events and grudge matches.

    3. Yeah nice, I've been running Tau primary with two allied Wave Serpents full of Guardians. I've found the Serpent shield to be extremely powerful (especially since my main opponent is Guard so sniping out his Manticores with Str7 Ignore cover is essential). I'm still unsure about whether running Guardians or Dire Avengers are the way to roll. I'm leaning towards Guardians simply because they are cheaper, still have Battle Focus and can bring those extra two models for scoring.

  3. Well I only know one player who does Mech in the local scene and people are feeling the bite of Serpent spam. Its rough on the lightly armored units that rely on cover to save thier butts.

    I own a grand total of 4 wave serpents because I tend to run foot lists, which are very workable now thanks to battle focus. I have not run all the serpents yet, I will of course try it just to see how it works.

  4. Maybe even numbered editions are good for unholy Eldar tanks. Wave Serpent in 6th, Falcon in 4th. Did 2nd Ed have one? I wasn't in the game for that edition.

  5. Is Fotla Starrider rocking a Warp Jump Generator? It just occurred to me in reading this that an Autarch with a Warp Jump Generator can now move and shoot the Reaper Launcher since they're a Jet Pack unit now.

    1. Not in my current build, but my actual Autarch does. I totally forgot about the unit type change. She will have to rock the generator now.

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  6. Also, cool backstories. It's nice to see I'm not the only person out there that writes stories about my plastic army mans.

    Is there a particular set of campaign rules you guys are using? I'd like to get into a campaign in my area, but creating a solid set of rules always seems to be a challenge.

  7. I may post the rules we are using once we have them refined a bit. They are courtesy of Dreadbeard over at Gaming, Beer and Bullshit. They are pretty decent, but we are making adjustments as we go.