Wednesday, July 24, 2013

War In Sector 135: Store Campaign Update

“Autarch you are hurt!” Exclaimed Ti'Fani. The Seer gestured sharply to the attendants at the door to the airlock of the ship. They quickly moved to assist the Autarch as he moved into the room.
“Away with you” Delbaeth snapped “I am better off than that BigMek.” “Your predictions were flawed Seer, The ork force was larger than expected”.
“ The path is very unclear Autarch, the presence of Chaos is clouding things. There is also.... a presence creeping towards us”
“ I care not for your excuses. You send word to the other Craftworlds Warhost. Tell them to expect us” Dalbaeth began to disarm himself and allow the healers to begin their ministrations.
“What is your plan Autarch...if I may ask?” Ti'Fani was taken aback by the seething anger coming off of the Autarch in waves.
“We will regroup and establish a new beachhead. Then call for reinforcements”
“What about the Portal?” Ti'Fani asked
“ We close it, I have reached an accord with the Monkeigh from The Inquisition..... Grand Master MacCumhail I think its name is.”
Ti'Fani's shock was plain for all in the room to see. She stood, mouth agape, at the pronouncement.
“You can't be serious?!.....Grey Knights?!”
“Deadly Serious” Delbaeth said as he removed his helm, a sly grin emerging from his sweat and blood covered face

Well the Campaign continues. The Warhost of Delbaeth Windsword withdrew from the main hub. I was had 3 different armies hit me at the same time. Farseer Re-Rolls Space Marines, Inquisitor Vogrins Guard and Austins Black Legion hit me all at once. Rather than fight all three I withdrew all my forces through the unmolested space port and self destructed my hub. I had a smaller scout force moving towards Spellduckwrongs holdings, which is three planets now. Our alliance is now formal. I am establishing a new base in the Eldar corner of the map.

During the last phase BigMek SkrapKlaw discovered an active webway portal in an asteroid field. It would allow the deployment of forces anywhere on the map with only one hex of movement. Obviously the Orks could not be allowed to hold the portal. So I took my remaining 1750 points and hit the force holding the portal hard. My fighting retreat from my destroyed hub, main base, paid off. I wiped the Orks from the portal and the Asteroid field. Granted it was at a cost. Delbaeth took 2 wounds when he and his Warp Spider entourage were charged by a mob of 20 shoota boyz. It could have been worse. He did survive. 2 wounds means two rolls on the injury table. As luck would have it I shrugged off the first wound with no effect, but the second means I cant wield any weapons that increase your strength. My initiative was also reduced by 2. I lost a unit of Dire Avengers, A unit of Warp Spiders, a few Guardians, A Jetbike Squad and a Wave Serpent.

The Judge is now throwing his hat into the ring as well, bringing his Gray Knights into the mix. It seems appropriate as we now have 2 chaos marine players and 1 daemon player in the mix as well. The swell of chaos and traitors, as well as the appearance of the 13th company has brought the Sons Of Titan.

So with BigMek SkrapKlaw swearing Vengeance, Chaos pressing in on all sides, a wounded Autarch and a shadow in the Warp Falling on the system. I have my work cut out for me this week.

Its campaign night so look for what happens tonight next Wednesday.

Until then.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ti'Fani, classic! Seer of the Blonde Skeins, caster of the Valley's Runes no doubt. Sorry I couldn't make it tonight, other duties called. Next week we shall begin the purging of Sector 135.

  2. Interested in how you guys are running that campaign with such fluid movements. All the campaigns we have here are static single piece armies where you get to move once a day.

  3. Well we have a pool of points and when we make a force it is static for the most part. Compositional changes are done at hubs. For instance. I retreated and destoyed my own hub. I hade a 1750 force and a 500 point scout force I had sent to a neighboring planet. The lists I had made for these 2 forces could not change until I got a new hub. Which is rough when you take loses. Units reduced to below 50% were eliminated and respawned at the hub. They were lost since I didn't have one.