Friday, October 25, 2013

Resurgence of Hobby

With my newfound hobby motivation, I decided to do something that had been passively keeping me away from working on my army. My work area was just trashed. The remnants of several projects had been just pushed over to one side of my table, intermingled with each other and then layers of junk were placed on top. Finding implements could result in several minutes hunting through the heaps.
I cleaned everything off, separated goodies from just worthless odds and ends, as well as organized my tools so I could actually grab the one I wanted. In addition to actually having a workspace that I am not frustrated by anymore, I found tons of bits and little things I had totally forgotten about. This is a great way to begin this new adventure in the hobby side of things.

How do you tend to keep your hobby space? Chaotic, hyper-organized, an ebb and flow of messiness to cleanliness, something else?


  1. I live relatively close to a GW and tend to, unless I'm airbrushing, do most of painting in the store. I may not get much time to paint but it keeps my desk at home clear of hobby overcrowding.

    1. That's actually a pretty sweet arrangement. Painting lends itself fairly well to a traveling hobbyist. Though, I love my work table, especially since I can leave green stuff to cure over night and I know it won't get bumped or mangled.