Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Road To Adepticon: Halo Joins the Fray!

Greetings all! SeerK here with another installment in our Road To Adepticon series! The crazy night of Registration is over and the Adepticon cart is open! The new system which started last year once again took the onslaught and Team WayGate was able to register without any mishaps. Spots are going fast for all the events. I know the Planetfall GT only had a couple left. So if you are thinking of attending or plan to sign up sooner rather than later to reserve your spot. We will be announcing sponsors over the next couple months. Spartan Games is on board bigger than ever and Evolution Games of Lansing Michigan returns as our other primary sponsor. More on them later though. This time we are talking Halo. Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command are making their debut at Adepticon this year with Tournaments for both games Happening. Lets chat about The Battle for Reach Halo Fleet Battles GT and the Battle for Reach Halo Ground Command GT!

Halo Fleet battles made its debut at Gencon 2 years ago. It was met with quite a bit of fanfare and excitement. We are bringing that to Adepticon this year. The Battle For Reach Halo Fleet Battles GT is a 3 round event with a current player cap of 16. It will be 3 rounds and be using the Halo Fleet Battles Official play rules. The only change is how you build your force. Players will only have access to Generic commanders and will not be able to use heroic characters such as Cortana and the Master Chief. This is mainly because these characters are pretty powerful and the tournament is a test of your abilities as a commander. Tactics will win the day. Players will construct 1500 point lists. You may bring up to 2 lists but are not obligated to. You must play the same faction for all 3 rounds. So you may not use Covenant one round and UNSC the next. This will be a fun event. Even if you are not experienced or have never done a convention or tournament before I encourage you to sign up and participate. You will get 3 solid games and meet other players in the process. You will also be able to play 24 hours a day during the convention thanks to the open play area. It will be stocked with terrain and space tables.

Halo Ground Command came to us this past summer once again at Gencon. The Battle For Reach Halo Ground Command GT is capped at 16 players currently. It is a 3 round 1500 point event that will not be allowing heroic characters. This is once again a balancing effort. We want to see what players are made of and challenge them. Although there is not currently an official play format Spartan and our team are working together on it. There will be custom missions and primer missions will be posted on January 1st along with all the other Primer mission documents. This will be the inaugural tournament event for Halo Ground Command. It is going to be fun. So sign up today and reserve your spot. You will get 3 solid games and meet other players. Adepticon is one of the best opportunities to build community. It is also one of the best opportunities to sharpen your skills and play people from all over the world.

We will be updating when we have new information. Stay tuned here and at the Spartan Games website for new details as they develop. As I stated we are planning on having all the Primer Mission Documents up by January first to give players an opportunity to build and test lists. They also give you an idea of the format and generally makes player more comfortable and confident coming into the event. I spoke with Spartan Neil this week as well and Spartan will be providing the Terrain for the tables this year. Players can look forward to playing on some very pretty tables. I am also hoping we are allowed to preview or release some new goodies at the convention. More on that as it developes.

So sign up today and until next time

Crush the Alliance and as always


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