Monday, November 28, 2016

The Schaumburg Clash! Dystopian Wars at Adepticon!

Greetings all! SeerK here with our next Road to Adepticon post! In this installment I am going to be talking about one of our newest events. Dystopian Wars will be making its debut at Adepticon 2017. Dystopian Wars is Spartans second oldest game, right behind their first Game Uncharted Seas. For those of you that are not Familiar with Dystopian Wars It is a war game based in a super science Victorian era. Seven core Nations and a host of small nations and alliances make up the rich background of the Dystopian setting. Spartan recently initiated a kick starter for the next iteration of Dystopian wars. Lets dive into the tournament and the Kick starter!

If you are already signed up or are thinking about signing up for the Dystopian Wars GT, or The Schaumburg Clash as we are calling it, I know you have one question to start things off. Will we be using the new 2.5 edition rules. The answer is no we will not. Since they will be coming so close to the actual event, The Schaumburg Clash will be using the 2.0 rule set. We want player to be comfortable and familiar with the rules and we want to make sure we are prepared for any odd questions or interactions that may pop up. So the Schaumburg Clash will be the last Dystopian Wars 2.0 Tournament. A farewell to 2.0. I am hoping we have some 2.5 stuff on hand for people to check out and see what changes have been brought to the Dystopian world.

The Schaumburg Clash is a 3 round event with 150 minute rounds. Players will build lists with a Navel core. Allies will be allowed as per the Dystopian 2.0 rule book but you are limited to one faction. Lists will be 1250 points. Vanguard Chris La Cross has stepped up to judge the tournament and is working on 3 custom missions for The Schaumburg Clash. We will be posting missions and primer packets on or around January 1st to allow players to prepare for the tournament to bring their A game.

I have not yet explored the Dystopian Universe or played the game as of yet. I have the rule books for 2.0 and have read them a bit. This is the primary reason we have Chris on board the team this year. He know the game inside and out. The Dystopian World Kick Starter has me really intrigued and tempted to get into Dystopian Wars. The models are pretty and I have a soft spot for Navel combat games, be it in the water or in space. The system is a step above Firestorm Armada in terms of difficulty. It has more meat to it and the interactions can be more complex.

I have to say The models from the Kick Starter are the most tempting aspect, especially since the new two player starter includes 2 of the 3 factions I have looked at buying. The third is the Covenant of Antarctica. I have a soft spot for old sci-fi lasers. The ships also look really really cool. Classic flying saucers as fliers hits me right in the nostalgia. My family is actually Prussian as well so I feel a draw to the solid and from what I am told very deadly Prussian fleet. The Teutonic Orders and classical German looking ships makes my decision on what faction to play rather difficult. It also makes my wallet cry.

We still have spots left in The Schaumburg Clash as well as our other events. Sign up now and reserve your spot. Sponsors are starting to line up. Once I have confirmation with the latest ones I will announce them. I should note that Spartan Games will be supplying all the Terrain for The Schaumburg Clash. Islands galore. Our lucky winners will be going home with some of the fantastic resin terrain made by Spartan. We are waiting for final confirmation from Adepticon, but Evolution Games will be on hand with Spartan Games products from all the games. So stay tuned for details.

Until next time crush the Alliance and as always........


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