Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Road To Adepticon pt 1: The Flashpoint Narrative Event!

Greetings everyone! SeerK here to talk Adepticon. I wanted to start going into specifics for each of the events we are running this year. As I said a couple posts ago we have expanded the events to include almost all the games that Spartan makes. I am going to give some details about each event starting with the new ones joining the mix in our Road To Adepticon series. We have Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Halo Fleet Battles, Halo Ground Command and Dystopian Wars this year. Spartan Fans can look forward to an event every day of the convention except Wednesday. I am planning on doing an unofficial mixer and meet and greet Wednesday night, but I am still deciding what to do. I wanted to start our series with our new Firestorm Armada Event. In addition to the North American Championships we decided to add a fun event for those who want to play, but may not be ready to throw into a tournament. Friday night we are proud to bring you The Flashpoint Narrative Event!

Some of you may have had a glance at the mega battle we did here in Lansing a few weeks ago. We love big space ship battles. It is always cinematic and just plain fun. This year we wanted to do a Narrative event. After talking with Spartan Neil we decided we would make this particular Narrative event important in regards to the FSA universe and story line. So The FSA Narrative became The Flashpoint Narrative event.

Players will help decide how the story progresses in the FSA Universe. As you may or may not have read Neil is hard at work working on story and background for the FSA universe with Mr. Franco. The war will be moving forward and we will be helping move it along with the results of this major battle.

Neil, myself and the crew are working on the details, but what I can say is that there are going to be one or more reveals at Adepticon this year tied to the Narrative. So fans can look forward to getting the first look at some new goodies!

The Battle itself will be structured as Kurak Alliance vs Zenian League with A Mercenary Marauders faction who can play for either side. In fact they can switch sides mid battle. Players will bring a standard 800 point patrol fleet. You will be able to use TAC's, but they will only effect your own fleet. Each side will have a Supreme Commander who will have access to special TAC's that effect they whole Alliance. Setup will be slightly different than standard. Rather than each player taking turns setting up a single squadron we will treat each side as a single player. Each side will alternate and every player will set up one squadron when it is their sides turn to set deploy a squadron. This speeds things up and adds some elements of danger as you have to try and account for a bunch of ships hitting the table. Think of it as ships shunting in enmasse or finally coming into sensor range and a hug number of signals suddenly appearing.

The turn sequence will be slightly altered as well. Each player on the active side will activate a squadron. So instead of doing one squadron and going back and fourth multiple squadrons will activate on the active side. They will be restricted slightly though. So it is fair activating squadrons cannot target the same squadron of ship as another. This is to prevent big alpha strikes and to represent squadrons being assigned specific targets to take out as part of the larger battle plan.

There will be a lot going on, so the Supreme Commanders will be acting as Games Masters and there will be one Game Master to over see the unfolding of the game and events. That would be yours truly. We will be working on hammering out the finer points and releasing a document in January after the Primer Missions are done for the Tournaments. I will release more information as it comes in and when I am authorized to in some cases. Pre registration starts November 21st! So save the date and register early as events tend to fill up quick.

Thats all for now, I hope to see you all at Adepticon!

Until then crush the Alliance and as always...


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