Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Road to Adepticon

Well Adepticon 2011 is on April First this coming year. Yours truly will be attending and playing in the Grand Tournament, among others. So I am going to start the chronicle of my Road to Adepticon. I am going to start by saying I am not a big tournament player and honestly I don't pay much attention to the forums when it comes to building a tournament list. If you get in that habit we start seeing the same predictable lists which are very easily countered..
That said I am going to be different and do a themed list. It is going to be Ulthwe Craftworld still but it is going to have mobility as a theme. I am going to be using Swooping hawks, Vyper bikes, Jetbikes and a Bike Council. Thats all I know for now. I will be making some model purchases as I want to configure some things differently.
So I will be doing some modeling and possible list updates as I work through the months leading up to the convention.
I am a pretty seasoned Convention goer, but I have not been to one in a few years. This will be my first major one in several years so I am going to make it count. I have added a count down until Adepticon on the page. Only 207 Days to prepare

More to come later. Have a good labor day Weekend. I should have part 2 of my tactics article up mid week.

Until Then......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dude, do you wan to do a podcast? Remember the round table we did for Mr Dandy's wolves? You weren't there, but I was thinking we could pick a topic and let our evil, cussing, sarcastic minds go off and see what happens!

  2. That sounds like an awsome idea actually. I have been wanting to do a "live" type of thing just to rant and discuss.