Thursday, September 2, 2010

Run Archon Run: Campaign Game 4

Well The Judge and I squared off in game 4 of our bi-weekly campaign on Wednesday.  This mission was 1500 points and basically all I had to do was run the hell off the board.  The Judge came loaded for bear with lots of attack bikes and land speeders.  Brother Overkill, Chaplin Stonewall and Sgt Badass and his sushine kids were all present to try and stop my Archon from doing what he does best.  Run Away.
Setup had be in the center 3rd of the table.  Exactly 24 inches from the edge I had to escape from.  If I had had first turn I would have had all my forces, except my two ravagers as heavies had to be kept in reserve, off the table turn two.  The Judge had first turn though and scored a kill on a Raider and forced another to stay put.  My turn one sees warriors form the downed Raider covering the escape of the three that did make it to the board edge and the Raider that could not move tried to down a land speeder.  The Judge dished out some melta love on the Raider That could not move in the previous turn and it exploded taking 3 warriors with it.  The Attack bikes finished them off in close combat.  My turn two saw the Archon and his retinue along with two Raider Squads escape, which gave me 4 "Kill Points".  The Raiders turned to fire after the squads disembarked as they dedicated transports did not count as kill points for the Judge.  The onslaught continued as Brother overkill and Chaplin Stonewall, with 5 terminators in a land raider, came in and squished the rear guard warrior squad left.  The Ravagers came out one at a time in turn 3 and 4 and were promptly downed by lascannon fire.  So with the two squads and two Ravagers down for The Judge we had a tie game.
I should have taken Reaver bikes instead of the Ravagers.  I could have had them on the table and escaped very quickly.  Plus if I had them in back the loss of one or two would be ok as long as the squad itself made it off the board.  Lesson Learned.

I was also disappointed by a blurb on BOLS about when we are going to see the Phantom Titan.  Apparently we are getting the Badab War in Imperial Armor 9 and 10 then Some Space Wolves and Imp Guard Versus Eldar in Imperial Armor 11.  Needless to say I want a bigger Titan.  Oh well Guess that means I can buy a second Revenant Titan, this time with Sonic Lances.  Maybe some Fighters.
Well next time perhaps some more tactics.  I know I need to do the next session of Rogue Trader as well.  So many topics so little time for me to write.

  Until Next time.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

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