Monday, September 27, 2010

More U.K Games Day Goodness

Well I thought I would tempt your taste buds with some of the concept models for IA 11 which should drop some time in second or third quarter 2011.  Besides the Phantom Titan we will be seeing a new Aspect shrine and some new tanks and vehicles.

 This new tank called the Lynx looks to be a lighter version of the scorpion with a fixed Pulsar.  Should be interesting.
 Of course the Phantom Titan needs no introduction.  I am curious to see what this bad boy is armed with.  It is sporting a close combat weapon so I am wondering if he will be packing a distortion cannon or pulsar.  I am hoping we have multiple weapon options.
 This is called a Hornet and looks to be a new tank sporting some bright lances or possibly pulse cannons

So here we see the new Aspect warrior temple the Shadow Specters.  Looks as if they are jump infantry of some sort sporting some heavy weapons.  Bright lances or some are speculating mini prism cannons.

So there ya go kids wet your whistle on these tidbits. I am really looking forward to this book.  I better start saving as it looks like Forge world may own my soul this summer.

until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'd like to see a better re-do of the scorpion. It doesn't look 'super heavy' like these grav tanks do. Making them wider effects their ability to hide, but over all makes them a better looking model.

  2. I have a scorpion , it is plenty big enough, if they made it any more chunky it would no longer be very 'Eldar' looking.

    if it was a baneblade with a pulsar strapped on I would not own it ....

    also they 'new' lynx just looks like a big kit bash.

  3. yeah thats what I wa thinking Sorrow. It did have a work in progress plaque next to it though so who knows if it will actually see the light of day in its current form or at all.

  4. whens this stuff coming out?

  5. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.