Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something Evil This Way Comes: DE Rumors

SO that dark ones will be in attendance at Games Day in the U.K. I am eagerly awaiting pictures of the new models. Jes Goodwin is the master behind the new models and I look forward to his new take on the dark kin.

I have to say from all the rumors floating around I may give my craft worlders a vacation for a month or two. November is the drop date with pre order probably in October. Basically everything has been redesigned so expect a couple waves of new releases.

If the Splinter weapons have been changed to

All poisons are 4+
Splinter Rifle 24" SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.
Splinter Carbine 18" SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.
Splinter Cannon 36" SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.
Splinter Pods are an under slung weapon for the Hellions, essentially similar to the carbine.

And its a semi big if, GW likes to do tweaks to throw people off at the last minute, but Codexes would be going to print very soon if not already done.

I have also been hearing about a possibly new vehicle called a slaughterer. I know Old School and I discussed this a bit and it could be a new Ravager or a replacement for the Ravager. He had pointed to a rumor saying the Ravager could be as big as a viper in its new incarnation. That would be interesting.

Thanks to Bigred at BOLS as well for the blurry sneak peak pic that has been leaked. They look so spiky and evil. I can't wait to see the rest.  Apologies about the pic being on its side.  I don't know HTML and I don't know how to rotate it.

So what do you guys think? What have you heard? I spend little time on the forums anymore. Chime in.

Next time A sneak peak at my Adepticon list. I also have been thinking about doing a series called 7 Deadly Venom’s: The Phoenix court of Khaine. I realized I covered Aspect Warriors, but did not delve into the phoenix lords or the Avatar yet. SO a new series is born.

Until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!


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