Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Art of War: Eldar tactics pt 1

Well its time to get down to business. I may not be the greatest Seer out there but my Win record is pretty good. So its time to share my thoughts and tactics I have used to win battle for the glory of Ulthwe.
When fielding a War-host in battle you cannot think of it as individual units. You must think of it as a single weapon. The individual units are nothing without the others. You cannot rely on a single unit to carry you through the battle, no matter how awesomely powerful it is. One of the first hurdles for a Seer is to determine the deployment of your force.


5th edition has lead to mechanized forces being almost the norm for any game you play. With the Exception of Tyranid and Daemon armies, which have many ways to Deep Strike, out flank and otherwise get in your face really quick, you are going to be facing units dug into cover or advancing in a transport. When I deploy my War host I have 3 “layers” to the force. The first layer is my units that are mounted up in wave serpents. These form the main attack force. Depending on the number of units this is and if I have any units deep striking I will keep one or 2 of these units in reserve as a relief force to keep momentum up in an attack. Keeping back a Unit of Dire Avengers or a Jet Bike Squad in reserve is a good way to keep your troop choices safe for some late turn objective grabs.
The second layer is composed of the long ranged support troops such as Dark Reapers, support platforms, Rangers and Night Spinners. Fire Prisms can be in the first or second layer depending on your strategy. I personally like to keep them in the second layer to support the advancing forces and supporting the units holding objectives. Ranger are great for holding objectives in cover. I will talk about objective placement in the next section as it will help determine your deployment.
The second layers whole job is to support the advancing force and keep enemy units from the objectives. Attacking units should not be pulled back as this will force a loss of momentum in your attack which gives your opponent time and opportunity to strike back hard as you redeploy your army.
That said you must make sure that your second layer is dug in. You must set up units in cover and make it very costly for your opponent to get them out. Giving your Rangers and Dark reapers a good vantage point of the battle field is important. I favor buildings, but I like to put them on a mid level rather than on the top. This prevents barrage weapons from targeting them indirectly As they can only hit the top floor.
The third layer consists of your deep striking and out flanking units. These reserve troop are essential to continue the push by the first layer or back up a faltering second layer. The whole key, as I have always said, is all the units working as one and mutually supporting the others. Fire discipline is key. Identify targets with the most threat and the ones he needs to complete the game. Laying into a killer unit it all well and good until the troops choice you were ignoring waltzes in and takes the objective.

Strait up kill point games are pretty strait forward. Objective games have some nuances. Objective placement is going to help determine where and how you are going to deploy your troops. You must guard your troops choices so that they can take objectives and defend them. This means Wave Serpents. I almost always use Dire Avengers as my objective holders as they are good all around troops and can dish out some pain. Their weapon range is also good.
Objectives should be placed in cover. This way the units holding them can benefit from a cover save and it mucks up assaults for enemy troops. You also want the objectives you place to be in your long range support troops line of sight and range. Overlapping fields of fire are important as this means you can more effectively defend the objectives.
SO theirs a start. I will continue this nest time. I must prepare for tonight’s campaign game. I have another rematch with the Judge and the Archon has one last chance to prove himself.

Until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!

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