Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dakka? I Got Yor Dakka Right Here!: Ulthwe vs the Green Tide.

In the quest to make an Eldar list for Adepticon I decided not to do the typical Eldar tournament list.  I wanted to avoid the usual  suspects you find in lists that contaminate the forums.  This of course includes lots of dire avengers, duel Seers, Warp Spiders and lots of wave serpents. They lack originality, especially when you have seen them so many times. Then the cliche of the dead horse and beating it comes to mind.  They are a major crutch.  People min max them and tweak them to such a degree it borders on silliness. They also lack any theme.  Themed lists can be very strong.  They also really bring a kind of synergy to the table.  They also challenge you as a player.  Easy wins are no fun if you ask me.  Speaking of wins that are not so easy.
I recently played a 1500 point game against an Ork army. A green tide to be exact. 180 orks on the table that were mostly sluga boys. There was a unit of Flash Gitz and a Big Mek as well.  Despite being outnumbered very badly, my theme list held up and won in a Kill Point game.  Thats Right a theme list.  I have decided to go strait up theme.  I am going to have fun and I am going to make Ulthanash Shelwes Black Guardians strike fear into the Imperium once again.
SO what ended up laying waste to the green tide? What left one Flash Git running from the board at the end?

HQ: Eldrad Ulthran w/ 10 Warlocks, Enhance, Embolden, 3x destructor in a Wave Serpent w/ BL
HQ : The Avatar of Khaine.
Troop: 16 Guardians w/ Shuriken Cannon and Warlock with Embolden
Troop: 16Guardians w/ Shuriken Cannon and Warlock With Embolden
Heavy: Night Spinner
Heavy: 3x War walkers Bright lance, 3x Scatter laser, 2x missile launchers

So I was very out numbered. I really slowed down the rush though thanks to the Night Spinner. Also thanks to massed shuriken catapult fire , the prowess of the Avatar and Eldrad and his Warlocks in close combat I wiped out the horde. I have added a couple things to get the list up to 1850. It is Aspect Warrior free say for a unit of Dark Reapers. This is totally in line with the fluff of the Craftworld of Ulthwe as its heavy on Guardians and lacking Aspects. Dark Reapers are the most common Aspect on Ulthwe according to fluff, even if it is written by C.S. Gotto.  I also have the Single Seer council.  I like the Avatar in the list, but I may opt for Maugan Ra Instead to go total theme as an Ulthwe Strike Force.
I am interested to see how it does against Guard and space marine lists.  I know I am setting myself up for some major fail, but I am sick of all the min maxed net lists.  Its time to put some fluff back into the hobby.

So my road to Adepticon continues. I am officially registered for the GT and I have declared Eldar to be my army for the tournament. I will be using the Dark Eldar in the Team tourney. So I guess I have a list to hammer out and possibly some Models to paint.

Next time I have a bit of a rant about Bases. Also I am going to start really delving into the new Dark Eldar Codex. I started with the Leader of my pirates, now I ma going to detail the fleets backbone. Kabalite Warriors. Once I find an opponent for it I also have a Swooping hawk heavy list with Bahharoth for a battle report.

So until next time....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. why ur seers not on jetbikes????

    Seriously though, nice stuff. Always fun to see themed lists. The Night Spinner is great, especially against foot hordes!

  2. LoL. I Love themed lists. People complain 5th edition is a mech game, it is to an extent, but as more and more codexs come out it makes getting across the board a moot point as some many things outflank and deep strike now. you only have to take transports to survive the artillery. I say why waste the points and ad more kill points. Put your army in cover and deep strike right back. You also have so many ways to pop armor its almost a bad idea to take tanks. then lists geared for mech combat have wasted points and fire intended to not fight infantry

  3. Very cool. I've consistently said that narrative trumps winning the mere game, and themed lists just scream narrative.

    The Swooping Hawk list has me intrigued too... I look forward to any battles/reports posted.