Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Forgeworld Sexiness: The hornet

Looks like Forge world is begging me to not buy Dark Eldar.  They have just released a new light tank called the hornet.  It is a fast attack choice and fielded in squadrons of 1-3 tanks.  They can be armed with 2 weapons form the usual list, but the list also includes the pulse laser.  Did I mention they have scout? 
I see some very nasty things happening with a squadron of these little guys.  Granted thay are 55 points base plus weapons and vehicle upgrade so they are quite expensive.  They pack some punch though.  The weapons are not twin linked and they only have a ballistic skill of 3.  This means you will hit half the time but in a squadron armed with pulse lasers that can do some real damage. 12 strength 8 AP 2 shots would be pretty nice on a squad of marines or terminators.  Granted that squadron would be about 400 point give or take  They seem to be a Craftworld version of a Ravager but without the  low cost and nifty tricks.  I will probably break down and buy 3 though just to see how they fit into the mix.
Well I did not get a battle in with Vogrin yet, but Saturday I will be trying my new 1850 swooping hawk Ulthwe list.  Should be interesting.  I will also be finishing up the Phoenix Court of Khaine series with the big man himself.  The Avatar.

Until then.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yeah, as tempting as a full squadron with pulse lasers would be, I think it might be a bit too pricey.
    I could see giving them scatter lasers and outflanking them along with war walkers though, for a tricksy all-reserves type army.
    They come with star engines as standard, so there are possible turn 5 contesting shenanigans to be had as well.

  2. Yeah they have a lot of possibilities. I don't like the way they are pricing Eldar stuff these days point wise. Everything is expensive as hell points wise. You look at some of the Dark Eldar stuff and points are more reasonable. I hope the Craft worlders get some codex love soon.

  3. Looks decent. I'm sure they will bring the points in line... soon... hopefully....