Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Phoenix Court of Khaine pt 6: Baharroth The Cry of The Wind

Swooping Hawks are quite reviled for some reason. I blame the beardy gits on the forums for this. Baharroth is the Phoenix Lord of this much lamented aspect. I personally like Swooping Hawks quite a bit. When used properly they can wreck a lot of havoc with vehicles and light infantry. Baharroth actually fixes one big issue I have had when using swooping hawks. They are prone to assaults when they deep strike. Baharoth helps them with this issue in several ways. Firstly he makes the unit fearless so they will not run away even when massed fire is poured into them. Second besides the usual Exarch powers he also has Hit and Run. This is very Important. This allows you to disengage from an assault so you can hit your primary targets, Artillery and vehicles. Third he is armed with a power weapon and actually has a decent strength, initiative and weapon skill to use it. This helps discourage assaults by the common rabble of your opponents army. Throw a fortune on the unit and you will be able to escape from an assault while inflicting some kills and possibly routing a unit.
Baharroth is also not quite as expensive as the other Phoenix Lords. He clocks in at 200 points. A nice round number. This does take up and HQ slot so the great HQ debate continues. Most Eldar players will opt for double Seer. If you are going the no Seer route though you can have quite a power unit taking an Autarch and Baharroth in a unit of swooping hawks. An Aspect heavy force has rather specialized Fast Attack choices. You can only make one of them fearless though. Only two of them can deep strike as well. Although warp spiders are nice I prefer to go with swooping hawks as they are more flexible and reliable in their movement.
So I view Baharroth as a decent choice for an aspect heavy force or just in general as long as you are running Swooping Hawks. Again I will reiterate that I think the Phoenix lords are a tad overpriced and must have a specific purpose in a list. Otherwise you are wasting points and a valuable HQ spot.
So my two cents about the Phoenix Lords. For the last Part of our series I will cover the man himself. The center of the Phoenix Court. Khaine Himself. SO the last Installment will cover one of the only other HQ choices I ever use if not running double seer. The Avatar of Khaine. Also I am going to introduce you to one of my favorite Dark Eldar Characters. Duke Sliscus the Serpent. Hopefully I should have a Battle report with Vogrin later in the week as well.

SO until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!


  1. Nice write up. didn't think of using a phoenix lord in that way. although you are right hes a good choice but the other HQ choice for eldar are so much better in an all around list.

    Stupid parakeets.....

  2. Your insight in this series has really made me wonder why there are so many identical Eldar lists out there. If anyone doubts your prowess with the Space Elves, they just need to see you on the table ... perhaps a batrep or two is in order ... an E-vil batrep?

  3. Nice. Swooping hawks have always been one of my favourite aspects, although I've never had much luck with them on the battlefield. Perhaps you could write up a hawk themed army list?

  4. I have been giving that list quite a bit of thought Rob. Me thinks I may have to give it a go on Saturday. A mass purchase of Swooping hawks my follow.
    I have always loved the hawks and honestly the Fast Attack choice is often ignored, say for warp spiders, in most lists. It is a shame really

  5. Yes Old School Batreps are in order. I have an E-vil one planned for tomorrow vs vogrin. There will be much Voidraven love.