Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lets Get Freaky: The "Freak Show" list pt 1

I decided I needed to tweak and experiment with “The Freak show” list a little more. I have gotten two games in with this themed list at the 1500 point level and it has some major faults and weaknesses that I need to address. This of course will be easier at the 1850 point level to deal with. The list is, for those of you who have not read the first posting about this, a list themed around Haemonculi and Wracks. I was inspired after watching the movie “Hellraiser “ while perusing the new codex.

The core of the list centers around Wracks. Normally and elites choice, they become a troops choice when a Haemonculi is included in the army list. This follows the 5th edition theme of special characters , miscellaneous independent characters and squad upgrades making a unit count as a troops choice. This is the second unit in the codex that can be counted as troops, the other being Hellions when you take Baron Sathonyx as an HQ choice.
Wracks are a curious unit and must be used very carefully. If the standard Dark Eldar army can be considered very difficult to play even for an experienced player, as Phil Kelly the writer of the codex suggest, a Wrack based army is even harder. They are almost purely a close combat unit. You can upgrade one in five in the squad to have a liqufier gun, which is dubious at best, but other than that they have no shooting. This also means a lack of anti tank weaponry. You basically have the Dark lances on the raiders and that’s it. They also only have a 6+ armor save. This kind of makes people, except former or current Ork players, shy away from them. They do have their advantages though. Being a close combat unit they are armed with two close combat weapons. This gives them 3 attacks on the charge. To top it off they are a 4+ poisoned weapon. This opens up a lot of possibilities especially if you upgrade one to an Acothyst as you can arm this leader variety with an Agoniser or several other pieces arcane close combat goodness. With a Weapon Skill of 4 Wracks can hit and wound just about everything on a 4+. Given they have a base initiative of 4 you are hitting at the same time or before most units. This is not to bad. If you pick your battles well you can come out with minimal casualties. With the Altered Physique rule Wracks also start with a pain token. This gives you FNP right off the bat. Stick in a haemonculi with the unit and the have furious charge. Granted the boost to strength may seem wasted, but remember you get to re roll wounds if the strength of the model is equal to or greater than the toughness of the model its hitting with a poisoned weapon. Having an initiative of 5 makes it so you usually hit first as well.
SO we have our Haemonculi filling up the HQ slots and Wracks in the troops. Our Elites slot is occupied by Grotesques. These ogryn sized monstrosities are larger versions of the Wracks. This is an upgrade form the last codex as Grotesques filled the spot Wracks not fills. These hulking brutes also start the game with a pain token. They must be led by an Independent character though or they run the possibility of going on a rampage and being removed form the board after having their way with every unit within 2D6 inches be it friend or foe. Since they occupy 2 slots in a transport I have taken a different approach to delivering this unit to the board. I can only fit 4 in a raider with at least one Haemonculis leading the unit. I want to run a bigger unit that that. Despite the FNP and being toughness 5 with 3 wounds only running 4 will see these expensive abominations wiped rather quickly. To counter this I deliver this unit via Webway Portal. This also allows me to bring in any units I hold in reserve, as long as its not a vehicle, in from the portal. These guys are pretty tough in close combat and will have furious charge and FNP right off the bat. Not to shabby. Old School Terminator spotted this nice resin model that I am pretty sure is supposed to be a grotesque. Check it out over at Paulson Games.
Well I have gone on enough so far. Looks like this will be a two part post. I will cover the heavy slots and post the actual list this weekend. I have not been able to play the list at the 1850 level yet and I plan on doing so soon. I think it has potential and is a great theme list. I am hoping to play a Tau army for a nice Fluff filled battle report mimicking Urien Rakarths pillaging of the Tau planet of Vigos.
I hope I have some takers.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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