Friday, December 10, 2010

The List Development Continues

So far I have gone 0-2 with “The List”. I lost a very bloody fight to Vogrin this past Wednesday. It was a classic pitched battle for kill points. I left 3 units in reserve and then seized the initiative. My alpha strike lacked punch though. This is the one big flaw that is emerging in the list. I lack a good ranged punch. I have been playing the Dark Eldar so much lately I am remembering the lack of long range punch a craftworld army has if you do not really design the list for that. I don't have these problems with the Dark Kin as I can still spam the Dark Lances with impunity. Vogrins Guard list is pretty solid. It lacks the usual mega unit you see so often. It is very well balanced and this is why I like to test lists against him. His armies are very well thought out and will really exploit weakness when found. Case in point I did not get off a single Fortune the entire game. In fact the only power I got off was an Eldritch Storm on a Valkyrie. Vogrin did not have any luck either as he lost sanctioned psykers like crazy due to my Runes of Warding. His primaris even took a wound due to perils. The loss of Fortune really put a damper on things. I lost my warlocks very quickly and I lost the Avatar in turn 2 due to 4 failed armor and invulnerably saves in a row.
So the question is what can I do to really take out armor and take advantage of an alpha strike? I really don't know yet honestly. I need to stay in theme. I am very hesitant to use fire dragons as they tend to die quick after wasting a tank. As it stands I also have no aspect warriors so I can allow myself one unit. I am leaning towards Dark Reapers as they are the most popular Aspect shrine on Ulthwe. We will see. Maugan Ra and squad of Reapers may replace the Avatar. The bike Squad may shrink as well.
Plain and simple I was rolling like crap and I lack the long range punch. I have another list I am developing, but it is not a list I will make friends with. In fact I am kind of ashamed I made it. It is still in theme, but I let myself succumb to blatant use of a “death star” unit. In fact I use two. Double Seer councils of doom. Almost 1000 points of killy goodness containing 6 kill points. I will stay strong though and continue to develop the themed list.
So I have some more games to play and some changes and development to do. I have made some nice acquisitions on Ebay for the Craftworlders recently so I have some more options.
Adepticon is still a few months away so I have time.
In Dark Eldar news I have gotten some together. I do not have pictures as of yet, but I am very impressed with the detail and completeness of the kits. I do wish the warrior squad came with more special and heavy weapons though. I have to get some more blasters and splinter cannons to complete the Trueborn squad I am building to escort the The Duke. I procured an Archon model today which will see some extensive modification to turn him into The Duke.

So that’s it for today. I am kind of frazzled as it is finals week for me and I have one more to go. Once I am done I plan on diving in and getting a solid month of 40K list development, model building and painting done. So more next week on “The List” and some more on Dark Eldar. I am hoping to get in a battle with Old School Terminator next week with “The Freak Show” against a rather dubious Fabius Bile list he has developed. It will be a circus of freaks to be sure.

So until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!


  1. If you want more plastic specweps, I suspect the Scourges when they come out will have sufficient spares.

  2. One thought for some extra firepower would be Vipers. SC/TL-SC: 50 pts. Zoom up the flank, look for some side armor shots, or just try to shoot up the glances to shake them.

    What's that, about 2 bikers/warlocks for each Viper you want to add?

    I think you should look into rearming your war walkers, too. Either go for sheer number of shots (Scatter lasers/Shuriken Cannons) or find some way to Guide. The "BL/SL & ML/SL" loadout isn't working for you from the times I've played you. I like dual-SC myself. 6 str 6 shots for 40 points? I'll take 3 - possibly 9 for that matter.

  3. I have actually considered the vipers vogrin. If i cut back on bikes and warlocks I can make them fit no problem. I may try this for some mobile firepower. I have also considered the weapon loadout change on the war walkers as I believe you mentioned that before. I really need to magnatize those buggers so I can do that. Sounds like a new project to start this month. The shuriken cannons would be my choice as they have an AP value. I will take that over an additional shot personally.

  4. I agree, the scourges will be a nice source of special weapon bits. I hope we see them soon.

  5. I'm sad I missed the stompin'!
    SK, you always roll like dookie. You should accomodate for this inevitability in your lists. In the 21+ years of knowing you, you've never "rolled well", so stop blaming the dice. LOL.
    Vogrin's got it right, you need more firepower.
    Bring your list over, and we can throw down to fine tune it.