Friday, December 31, 2010

Its The Final Countdown: "The List" And The End of 2010

My original intent when I designed “The List” was to play a themed list in a tournament and win. This is proving to be very difficult. I have to sit and think. To be a douche or not be a douche? Do I continue to try and develop “The List” in its current form and see how far I get in the GT at Adepticon? Do I throw on a polo, pop the collar and give in and design a real douchey list that will not make any friends. Do I go halfway. Thats what has been on my mind since I played Old School Terminator week before this past week.
The Game vs his Tyranids started out rather well. I was up on kill points until turn 4 and he quickly made them up and shot ahead. We have gone back and fourth in games, but this was a pretty sound beating. The Doom of Malan'tai was a beast and ate hearty on my guardians. They were out in the open and unprotected. As were the Vibrocannons. Old School also learned from past experience and got nowhere near Eldrad and his coterie of Warlocks. I was able to kill only one Trygon Prime and injure the others with Mind War until the moved out of range. Old School is trying to convince me to pop the collar and go to the dark side, not literally as in Dark Eldar as appealing as it sounds now.

So I stand with 1 win out of 5 games. Not great at all. I have designed a list that I view as a tournament douche list and I intend to play it soon. I feel kind of dirty doing it, but I guess I have to try it and see how it does in comparison. I am going to go all out and run the duel bike council. I also designed a less beardy list where I finally use one of my Autarchs to get my reserves in when I want them and do some solo anti tank work. I have some work to do as I must finalize a list to give myself time to buy models if need be and modify my existing ones so the are WYSWYG.

In other news I have completed my first squad of Kabalite Warriors. They have been built to be A squad of Trueborns. They will be going to paint this weekend along with their raider. I have also completed a very simple mod for my Duke Sliscus. I will be doing a Mod for Baron Sathonyx once I pick up a box of Hellions in a couple weeks. I really like all the bits you get with the dark Eldar kits. It makes kit bashing so much easier.

This year has been quite eventful. I started the blog this past April, We have seen some very nice codex's come out, namely the Dark Eldar. Tournaments have come and gone and we have a new year of them to look forward to. We have also seen the 3rd party miniature market take off. Companies Like Chapter House Studios, Paulson Games and the like have been churning out great mod parts and miniatures to fill in the gaps GW likes to leave. It is very sad that GW is now suing them for IP infringement. Looks like I have to put in a Chapter house order very very soon.
I have had a great year and I look forward to 2011. I hope to bring you more on the blog. More tactics and more crunch rather than me just blowing hot air. I also have some other stuff I am trying to get going. Namely a weekly pod cast or at very least a nice round table of the Lansing area bloggers and hobbyists.

I would also like to announce that this March I will be running a Tournament. This 1850 Rogue Trader style event will take place at our FLGS Evolution Games. I will have more details as I work them out, but I am hoping for a good showing and to have some nice prizes.

Well 2010 has been a blast and I look forward to 2011.  See you next year.

Until then........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It is useless to resist the power of the dark side (Darth vader breath) ... aside from Darth vader impression, I just wanted to say that it has been great seeing the craftworld grow and that you really should start a podcast, I will pimp it on DFG like I was getting paid to.

  2. Excellent sir. It is quite useless to resist the dark side especially after the beating the nids put on me Wednesday.

    The Duke is not pleased. He says duel bike councils is the way to go.

    I may have to do the first pod cast next week. The storm lord is a Mac guy so he has all the podcasty goodness worked out.

  3. I keep telling you we should get it going! LOL, hell, if we just even caught our banter during painting sessions.

    Let's shoot to get one up by the 7th, shall we?
    I got the Podcasting thing ready to go!

  4. Yeah sounds good. Now To think of a title.