Monday, December 20, 2010

Battle Report: "The List" vs Mech Guard

This past Wednesday I got a chance to test “The List” against one of our FLGS's regulars. Deus is usually known for his very nicely painted Dark Angels force. I have tangled with the hunters of the fallen on a couple different occasions. Both times they gave me a run for my money. This time I squared off against his Imperial Guard army which has not been in the shop as of yet. This Mech Guard army was a sight to behold. Nice lines of Chimeras with a Devil Dog and 2 Leman Russ battle tanks. Supported by a Hydra flak battery. I brought “The List” . This incarnation dropped the Avatar and a Fire Prism in favor of a squadron of Vyper bikes and a support battery of Vibrocannons.
We played a traditional pitched battle for objectives.

I placed my two objectives with in reach of my two guardian squads. The Vibrocannons set up next near the objective I placed in the corner. The Fire Prism set up in the middle of my deployment zone while the Vypers set up to have a go at flank of the army. Deus Set up a nice gun line of chimeras supported by the Leman Russ's. The Devil Dog was going to come up the flank to take my corner objective supported by the company command squad. The Hydras set up in the opposite corner of my Vibrocannons. Deus Seized the Initiative so I redeployed using Eldrads ability to do so. I repositioned he and his squad so I could rush the solid line of Chimeras and mortar team set up near them in cover. I also repositioned the Vypers to hit the Hydra Batteries as long as they survived. If not I still had a Bike squad and War Walker squadron in reserve.

Turn 1

The first turn saw me take a hellish amount of fire, most of which was concentrated on Eldrads Wave Serpent. It only resulted in a shaken result though thanks to Spirit Stones (spirit stones reduce stunned results to shaken for those of you not familiar with the Eldar codex) I lost a couple of Guardians and the Fire Prism. The Vypers took fire but only one took any damage. Thank the maker it was only a stunned result. I advanced my army in my turn one. Eldrad and his Warlocks moved flat out in their wave serpent towards the gun line. The Vibrocannons and Guardian squad did not move while Guardian squad 2 moved towards some area terrain stretching out their numbers to stay within 3 inches of the objective they were holding. The Vypers and Vibrocannons opened fire. The Vibrocannons stunned the Devil Dog and the Company Command's Chimera.

Turn 2

The Guard Advanced trying to encircle Eldrad. They opened fire pouring tons of fire into Eldrads Wave Serpent, this time doing nothing. The mortars caused one of the guardian units to break and some of their number went down in a hail of shells. The Vyper Squadron was also cut down to one Vyper armed only with its under slung shuriken cannon. In my turn two the War Walkers came strolling in on the board edge closest to the Hydra Flak tanks. The Vyper Retreated while the second Guardian squad advanced. Eldrad and his coterie of Warlocks disembarked. The Vibrocannons opened up stunning a Chimera and a Leman Russ. The War Walkers laid to waste the Hydras with concentrated missile and scatter laser fire. In the assault phase Eldrad and his boys destroyed 3 chimeras and most of the Guardsman they contained. The Wave Serpent opened fire killing some mortars but their resolve held.

Turn 3

Turn 3 saw some very bloody combat. The Guard commanders opened up with everything they had on Eldrad heedless of the safety of their own men. Warlocks were lost. Guardians were also lost as the mortars continued their relentless barrage. The amount of fire was reduced due to damage sustained form the previous turn. In my turn the Guardians rallied and marched forward. The War walkers continued their march across the flank laying into some guard squads now freed of their transports. The Vibrocannons stunned the same Chimera and Leman Russ this time removing a weapon from the Chimera. Eldrad and his warlocks shot up two squads of guard than ks to a well placed Destructor. They then multi assaulted the Guardsman and a Leman Russ wiping out both squads and destroying the tank. The Devil dog has suffered a weapon destroyed result on the melta cannon early on. It was close enough for the Guardian squad next to the vibro cannons to glace it to an immobilized and a second weapon destroyed result.

Turn 4

The Guards resolve was still holding. The advanced despite losses. The mortars continued to pound the Guardians. The lone Leman Russ backed as it was only stunned. The Master of Ordnance who finally was able to fire last turn continued the barrage which claimed the lives of several Warlocks. The Guard began to draw in and consolidate. They held one objective very tenaciously. The Bike Squad came in on my turn and rushed towards the lone objective held by the guard. Eldrad separated from the lone remaining warlock to help the embattled Guardian unit that had been charged by a sentinel. The Warlock took out the remaining mortar team closest to him and advanced on the remaining Leman Russ. Eldrad charged a Chimera between him and the Embattled Guardian unit. He only manged to make it unable to move and shoot. This was good as it was moving towards one of my objectives. The remaining Vyper had moved to support the Bike squad. The war walkers popped the Chimera that had moved to support the 3 Guardsman holding on to their lone objective.

Turn 5

The Guard now redoubled their efforts. The Vibrocannon battery took major fire and retreated from the board The bikes also took 2 casualties as they were lit up by las cannon and mortar fire. The Leman Russ moved back away from the warlock and in support of the last mortar team. The bikes moved in to finish off the Guard Unit holding the objective. The war walkers moved into engage the Leman Russ. After that killed off the occupants of the Chimera they had destroyed in the previous turn. Eldrad and The guardian squad moved towards the now unstunned Chimera that had plans to tank shock due to its inability to fire. In the assault phase the Guard Squad was forcibly removed for their transport.

Turn 6&7

The Guard was now on the ropes The Leman Russ attempted to tank shock the Warlock after an assault from the war walkers failed to kill it. The Guardsman pinned form their vehicle being destroyed were told to get back in the fight by the company commander and they opened fire and then assaulted the Guardians on my corner objective. The Guardians broke in the face of the assault and were cut down. The Bike squad had claimed the Imperial objective and the War Walkers destroyed the remaining Leman Russ as the Warlock was finishing off the last Mortar team. The last Guardian unit moved to the second objective they had moved off from to claim it once more. Eldrad moved to kill the Guard unit holding my previously held objective. He failed to make the distance in a charge.

The game ended with me holding two objectives to his one. He had 2 Guardsman and the Company Command Squad in their Chimera left in the end. I am very happy with how “The List” did in this version. The Vibrocannons proved to be very valuable since they auto glace vehicles and only one of them has to hit for them to be effective. I am not pleased with the Vyper and Fire Prism though and these elements may be changed. I may actually add a squad of Aspect Warriors. Some Dark Reapers would have been very helpful. A Night Spinner would have been nice as well. So we will see what I decide on. Next time I will cover my 1850 “Freak Show” List and also my new Combined force of Duke Sliscus and Baron Sathonyx.

Until then

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I hate to say I stopped reading in the first paragraph when you say he stunned Eldrad's Wave Serpent in his first turn... then you moved that same Wave Serpent flat-out in yours.

  2. sorry it was shaken not stunned typo on my part

  3. It should be obvious by the fact the spirit stones reduced the stunned to a shaken result. Bad phrasing on my part.

  4. Nice, but you should against a little tougher army than whipped IG. You should play against my demons, I'm sure you would find it a breeze to beat.

  5. well daemons are never an easy army to face. They have very different units. This is part of the problem in developing an Eldar all comers list. They must be tailored to a point in order to face different forces. This may seem a bit cheesy, but you have to do more with less. Eldar are almost always out numbered even against space marines and Daemons.

  6. I dis agree with the idea of demons are different or should be treated differently than other armies.their weaknesses are never exploited and people always plays them was if they in some kind of cowboy movie. Sitting in some rough terrain,shooting that all the little Indians (demons). Opponents of demons need to take charge of the battlefield and not let them choose how the battle will be fought. They are weak against mech,one should mech up the force. Only half there force is in one the first turn then one should be the aggressive on the first couple of turns. Demons have serious weaknesses built into the army, far more then those cheeky(lol) eldar have you should have a easier time with them