Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets Get Freaky: "The Freak Show" pt 2

We have covered the HQ , Troops and Elite slots for the Freak show List. The Heavy slots are the last slots to talk about. We have two different units to add to this menagerie of freaks. The Chronos Parasite Engine and the Talos Pain Engine.
The Talos is familiar to Dark Eldar players. Its basically a floating Wraithlord. The Talos has grown up though in the new codex. You have many more options when outfitting your Talos. Twin linked Liquifier guns, Ichor Injector, which causes instant death with a failed toughness test, and Chain flails, which is what I prefer to give the Talos. This lets you roll two dice to determine the number of attacks it gets in close combat. You can also upgrade the twin linked Splinter cannon to either a Stinger pod, twin linked haywire blaster and a twin linked heat lance. This gives you some flexibility. The Stinger pod is a strength 5 assault 2 blast weapon. Nice for dealing with groups. The Haywire blaster is a Haywire Grenade launcher. It is strength 4 and AP 4 and has the Haywire effect on vehicles. The heat lance, well its Lance and Melta. Granted only strength 6, but at 9 inches its very deadly. I like to mix it up. I like to use the Haywire Blaster and the Stinger pods it gives you a mix. For the purposes of this list it gives you some more anti tank ability and anti infantry. The Talos can shoot and tear apart tanks with its claws and then tear apart the contents. This guy also has the Power From Pain rule. This makes him very tough to kill. It does lack an invulnerable save , but only AP 1 and 2 weapons will cancel out the FNP. Power weapons will too, but unless they swarm the Talos and use members of a squad as ablative wounds for a power fist you should not have to worry a whole bunch about close combat. Having a toughness of 7 deters many from getting into close combat, especially when it has an initiative of 4 base.
The second Heavy choice is a Chronos Parasite Engine. This is basically a pain token generating baby Talos. It has two weapons choices in addition to its Spirit Syphon. The Spirit Syphon is a template weapon. If you inflict any casualties with it the Chronos generates a pain token it can give to any unit within 12 inches. The Spirit Vortex does the same but at longer range and with a large blast. The Spirit Probe dies this in close combat. So if you keep key units close to this guy you can really get your army juiced up quick if you are killing models. Thats the key only a single model has to die not a whole unit. The Chronos is just as tough as the Talos but only has a strength of 5. Its Weapon Skill is also 3 instead of 5 like the Talos. I prefer to keep the Chronos out of close combat. I arm him with a Spirit Vortex and keep him close to the Talos. This allows you to generate tokens quick for your Monstrous Heavy Support choices.

So I present “The Freak Show” One of the Few lists I will actually post . They key to the list is the fact Each unit has a Haemonculis in it. Thus each unit has at least 2 pain tokens to start. Also the Heavy Hitters start in reserve and come on the board Via Webway portal.

HQ: Ancient Haemonculis armed with a Huskblade, Soul Trap, Stinger pistol and Crucible of Malediction.
HQ: Ancient Haemonculis armed with Flesh Gauntlet, Stinger Pistol, Archangel of Pain and Webway Portal

There are also 3 Haemonculi with Agonizers, Stinger Pistols, Liquifier Guns. Two have Hex Rifles and one has a shatter shard. You can take up to 3 Haemonculi as a single HQ choice.

Troops: 3x units of 9 Wracks. One wrack in each unit has a Liquifier Gun. All are mounted on Raiders with Night Shields and Flicker Fields. They also have Torment Grenade Launchers and Grisly Trophy’s.

Elites: 1x Unit of 8 Grotesques. One is armed with a Liquifier gun. ( The Ancient Haemonculis Without the Webway Portal and One Haemonculis Accompanies this unit.
Heavy: Chronos Parasite Engine armed with Spirit Probe and Spirit Vortex.

Heavy: Talos Pain Engine armed with Stinger pod, Chain Flails and additional close combat weapon

Heavy: Talos Pain Engine armed with Haywire Blaster, Chain Flails and additional close combat weapon
So that is the list. It is a very nice Themed list that is very unique to run on the table. I will be trying out this version this coming week if there are any takers. It is weak against armor. It is also doomed if you loose your transports.
I hope I can end the year with a nice Battle Report with this list. We will see. This week I will also give my current analysis of the list. I am loosing faith in doing a themed tournament list after 3 loses. Including a heart breaker to Old Schools semi 5 dimensional nids. I will also have my Year in review new years day. Once I wake up and get over my hangover that is.

Until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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