Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Road To Adepticon.......Starts tomorrow....But First UCON

Many of us are poised over our computers ready to attack the web cart of Adepticon.  I would be as well, but for the fact I dropped the ball and did not plan for the biggest event of my war gaming year.  Oh well not much I can do about it other than get up early and register tomorrow then cross my fingers I can get into at least one of the events I want.

I was planning on doing the Team tournament and possibly the GT, but I am pretty sure they might be sold out by tomorrow morning.  I guess it will be the wait list for me.  I will still build my GT army and display board.  I will also still build my team tournament force.  Mostly in the hopes I will get in from the wait list or one of my team mates had more foresight than I did.

In other news UCON is next weekend.  AFK games has joined our sponsors.  AFK is on the south side of Lansing and is newly expanded.  More space and more Game tables await.  So go check them out next time you are in Lansing.

I apologize to those that went to pre register and were unable to.  They did keep it open a few extra days, but I was not expecting such a limited window.  I promise I will look into it and see about getting registration open earlier and closed later.  I am looking forward to next weekend.  Between the Firestorm Armada "Brawl In The Shoal Zone", the Warmachine Steamroller and the Craftworld Open it should be a fun and busy weekend.  The Craftworld team will be there all weekend.  Even if you are not participating stop by and say hi if you are in the area and check out the convention.

I did want to make one note in regard to the FAQ.   I know Codex Space Marines was not allowed at the GT so the FAQ does not cover the new codex.  If you have any questions please contact me.  I will make a couple notes though.  Most notable are how I am ruling on Grav Weapons.  So add this as an addendum to the FAQ

Grav Weapons

Q: If I roll a six when against vehicles, do I do one hull point of damage and another hull point for the immobilized result?
A:  No you do one hull point and the vehicle is immobilized.  No additional hull points are caused for the immobilization.

Q:  Do vehicles get a cover save when shot at by Grav weapons?
A:  Yes.  Grav weapons do not have the ignores cover USR and do not state they ignore cover.

SO there you go.  If you have any questions feel free to email me so I can add more to the FAQ.  Well thats all for now.  Its been busy as hell around here as of late.  Lots of planning and logistics putting together the convention events.  Then there is that pesky job thing.  

Hope to see you all next weekend!

Until then..................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good to hear that you're ruling that way on Gravs. We had a discussion about this a while ago and I ended up ruling the opposite to you. GW really needs to get onto the official FAQ on this one.

    I'm don't know the US scene but we always have arguments over whether or not an IC can pass on Infiltrate to a squad he joins. Might be a good one for the FAQ.

  2. Its in the Michigan GT FAQ actually and it says it does. I actually did a goofy list that had shadow weaver batteries infiltrating with 3 different IC's. It was pretty funny.

    I think the lack of FAQ updates furthers my argument that you cant argue RAW with 40K anymore. Its a game meant for play in a game club or small group that generates its own meta.

    You see a ton of variation in rules interpretations here in the States. Most people are all good with it though as long as they know whats going on rules wise before going to an event.