Monday, November 25, 2013

The Craftworld Open At UCON: Results

What a good weekend.  The Firestorm Event on Friday did not have the number of players I hoped for, but
it was a good Start.  We had 4 players and George Gasser took home our top prize for the Brawl In The Shoal Zone event.  Enjoy your new fleet sir!

Saturday was a day filled with being lazy, Firestorm Armada games and final preparation and set up for the Craftworld open on Sunday.  I want to give a special thanks once again to the guys at the Michigan GT for letting us use the Terrain from the GT.  Check out the website and reserve October 11th and 12th on your calenders next year.  The GT is back and will be bigger and better.

I also have dates for next years Craftworld open. UCON will return to the Marriott on Eaglecrest next year November 14th, 15th and 16th.  The Craftworld Open will be on November 15th next year.  The open is going to be bigger and better next year.
We have big plans and thanks to a move to Saturday we will not be Crunched for time.

We had well over $700 in prizes this year including free bits courtesy of Paulson Games for all the participants.  I will be doing a battle report and review of his latest creation Mecha Front next week.  Well I know you are anxious to know who took the top honors at the 2nd annual Craftworld Open.  So without further adieu, this years winners.

1st.  Ben Marouski (Necrons and Chaos)
2nd.  Aaron Simone  (Chaos Daemons)
3rd.  Jeff Crawley  (Eldar)

Players Choice Best Painted:  Vytau Malesh

Congratulations to this years winners.  I appreciate everybody for coming and playing.  The support is very welcome.  I hope that we have all your support next year and we can make this a bigger and very regular yearly event.

I want to thank our sponsors, whose links are on the blog sidebar there, BC Comics, Evolution Games, AFK Games, Paulson Games and Pandimonium for their generous donations for this years prizes.

Now I have to start preparing for Adepticon.  I have a GT list and a Combat Patrol list to come up with.  I have a very oddball list in development for the GT and I am keeping it under wraps for now.  Things could shift Drastically in the next few months as we get Codexes coming out.

I will post more pictures in a dedicated Picture post Wednesday.  I will also be finishing my series about
breaking the meta.  The third Installment will be covering the use of psychic powers in the Eldar army.  Mainly how to use them in conjunction with the other elements of your army to get maximum effectiveness out of them.

Until then......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!


  1. Great work guys! Good job on third Jeff!

  2. Yeah we had some good players this year. I had to go to tie breakers that sadly were not so objective. Paint score. 3rd was a three way tie until I went to paint scoring.