Saturday, November 16, 2013

UCON Is Upon Us. The Adepticon Road Begins

We are a week away from UCON. The blitz of the Adepticon Web cart is behind us. I managed to get into nd on the wait list for the GT so chances of playing are pretty good. Our Badab War themed team for the team tournament otherwise known as “The Badab Motherf@%*!ers” is 8th in line on the wait list for the team tournament.
a combat patrol, Privateer Presses Iron Arena and a weathering class taught by Mr. Justin of Secret Weapon Miniatures. I also managed to be 2

I kinda dropped the ball on Adepticon registration and to my teammates I apologize. I wish registration could have happened after UCON. Or at least a little after so my credit cards have time to recover a bit. I digress a bit though.

UCON is a week away and we have one final sponsor joining us again this year. Pandemonium in Garden City Michigan was once again very generous in its support of the Craftworld Open. We have well over $500 in prizes for the Open this year. Space Marine kits, Campaign books, Paulson Bits and even an Aquila Strong point are all up for grabs.

I would also like to once again thank the guys over at the Michigan GT. They have been nice enough to provide the terrain for this years Open. You can look forward to next years Michigan GT on October 11th and 12th once again in good old Lansing Michigan. They are looking to expand so keep your eyes on the Michigan GT website for details.

I am looking forward to spending 3 days in a nice hotel in the Ypsilanti Ann Arbor area. The convention is very laid back and full of gaming goodness. It is a shame I cant do events as I will be running things all weekend. I will be assisting PG_Hick with the Warmachine Steamroller Saturday after running the “Brawl In the Shoal Zone” Firestorm Armada Event Friday night. Should be a busy, but fun weekend.

Well For those of you not attending UCON I will be doing updates while I am there. Following UCON expect to see a lot about Adepticon. Our Road to Adepticon has begun. This will be my 4th year going. Dreadbeard and The Judge have a couple years on me so they are true Adepticon Veterans. BigMek SkrapKlaw is returning for his second year and has graduated from the scout company. In fact the only Adepticon Virgin going this year is our own Spellduckwrong. So stay tuned for articles about our own journeys down the Road to the best 4 Days in Gaming.

See you all at UCON and then see you at Adepticon!

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What does RT (Rogue trader) rules mean? Also, will Codex: Inquisition be allowed?

    1. Also, is there time to arrive early in the morning and purchase a day pass at registration and the tourney fee if we didn't prereg?

  2. Its basically the way people use to refer to tournaments back before this GT craziness hit us.

    Codex Inquisition will not be allowed due to the fact it only came out within the past week.

  3. Its the rules from the book and rules from the FAQs.

  4. Registration for the convention starts around 9 am. I want dice to roll at 11 am