Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jetbikes Win Again

Had another game tonight with the Jetbike list against SeerK. Hammer and Anvil deployment, Purge the Alien was the mission. His list he deemed the "Bike Breaker Version 2". His army had me seriously worried. Specifically threatening were three Wave Serpents at the fore and two squads of Dark Reapers sitting on a Skyshield Landing Pad with none other than Eldrad leading them. Since the Reapers need only look askance at a Jetbike to kill it (because they are AP3, have long range, and ignore Jink saves) I felt like I was going to take some heavy casualties.
On my side of the board, I deployed some LOS blocking terrain and tried my best to deny him some lanes of fire before I could get up and running since he had first turn. His shooting took a toll on my Warlocks though, and he vaporized a full squad of Jetbikes.
My first turn didn't result in much damage since he was passing saves like a champion and my Jetseer council failed their 5" charge. My second turn however, resulted in me killing off all three Wave Serpents, instant deathing Eldrad, and stomping both Dark Reaper squads. He conceded as he only had two Ranger squads and two Guardian squads left, I had only given up the one kill point.

Another solid and fast win for the Jetbikes.

As I get more practice with the bikes, I am learning that they have a specific way they need to be played. More the pattern they follow for the attack. I haven't quite gotten it down to a science, but I am starting to notice it. As time passes, and more games are played, I hope to master the maneuvers and perfect the forms.


  1. Can you share the specific insights you are gaining on these movement patterns?

    1. Thank you for your interest, RayJ! At some point in the future I plan to make a serious report of my findings, but I will share with you my inklings at this point.
      It's sort of hard to describe through writing, I intend to use some visual aides during my future post. So far, I have found that a strength of the Jetbikes is to take up large swathes of area on the board. The Jetbikes must all move in concert early on to hinder enemy movement and set up a "killing blow" for turn two.
      The forward squad of regular Jetbikes moves up to block enemy movement, and the others are nearby but still flooding the map. Typically, the forward squad is going to be destroyed, but it will open up space for another squad to replace it's position and pour fire into juicy targets. At the same time, the Shining Spears and Jetseer have moved to cause maximum implied threat. This makes the opponent have to move (which is hindered already) and split their fire. Then the attack is commenced in a large way the following turn.
      This probably makes little sense because I am struggling to describe it. The more I play with them though, I see the same movements and the same devastation. Next game I will try to take pictures to illustrate the movement. With nearly fifty bikes on the table. It's awesome to look at though.
      I hope this made some kind of attempt at answering your question.