Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its all about the Thrones: Rogue Trader

Besides the massive amount of 40k I play I do play other games. One of those games is, oddly enough, 40k related. I recently started a Rouge Trader games fro some friends of mine who were tired of playing the same old stuff. As I loathe and hate 4th edition D&D and did not really want to run Shadow Run, Rouge Trader was the natural choice.
I am basing the big overarching plot on an idea I had when the Craftworld Eldar Codex came out for Third Edition 40k. I thought to myself, there are the Craftworlders, the Exodites and the Dark Kin. There are also the harlequins and the black library. With all the Craftworlds and their different little sub-sects of Eldar culture I came up with the idea that there may be craft worlds dedicated to specific gods of the Eldar. These Craftworlds could have been persecuted for worshiping gods they knew were dead or took on a philosophy of the deity that was at odds with the larger culture. Since the Eldar path was founded on the path of the warrior by Asurmen the worship or at least the acknowledgment of Khaine is at the forefront of Eldar culture. To openly oppose Khaine and say worship Vaul would be viewed with disdain especially if they were pacifists. These Craftworlds would be basically like the puritans escaping England because of religious persecution. They would have left pre fall as Eldar culture, already persecuting them, was falling into depravity.
The Campaign is focusing our intrepid group of Explorers trying to locate sect of Vaul worshipers that have a weapon capable of untold powers that was thought lost and only spoken of in legend. Our team of Explorers find themselves in the midst of different factions trying to find this weapon and keep it for their own purposes. The Craftworld itself was lost thousands of years ago and the Rogue Traders Father squandered his dynasty to find clues and artifacts to lead him to this place. The campaign starts with the dynasty down to one ship and the holder of the write on his death bed as he turns it over to his only son.
The Ship is called the Cathedral Terra and is a very ancient ship, from the dark age of technology, with many peculiar systems and qualities. It has Xenos tech on it which appears to be of Eldar origin. The inheritor of the dynasty, such as it is, is Quintis Tarses, the rouge trader played by my best friend Chris. His crack command crew consists of Magos Gabriel, an Explorator played by my friend Mr. O, Gaius, A Void Master who is a strict adherer to the Imperial creed played by my friend Kaine, Joker, an Arch militant who is fiercely loyal to the Rogue Trader who is played by my friend John and Bren, a void master who is a bit on the fringes , IE racking up the insanity points, played by my friend Clay.
Once I actually have my notes in front of me I will begin the tale of their adventures and put up some bio's of the NPC's that inhabit the ship.
We play every other Friday so beginning next weekend I will have our Saturday Rogue Trader segment.
We are 5 sessions in and so far its been interesting. It should prove very entertaining. So far the best way I can describe the crew and the tone of the game is its “Firefly” meets “Big Trouble in Little China” in the 40k universe. Jack Burton with a star cruiser. Kinda scary, but entertaining.
So I will begin with session 1 next week.

until then..................................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sounds good, post more stories about the campaign.