Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remember to pillage before you burn: the new Bi-Weekly Campaign at Evolution games

So the local shop, good old Evolution Games, Started a campaign this past week. I should say Samsquatch monster of DFG started it but it is at our FLGS. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to really get into my newly acquired Dark Eldar army.
SO the first mission is called Raid on Kastorel-Novem and it involves either attacking or defending a fuel depot. The fuel depot consists of two tanks with an armor value of 12. They are both equipped with void shields to fend off the first penetrating hit done to them. There is also a laser defense line that, if crossed, will cause a dangerous terrain test and wound the model crossing on a roll of a 6 in addition to the possibility of taking a wound from the dangerous terrain test. All the models are treated as independent entities. I have 200 points to work with. I am allowed to make 3 guys “specialists”. This means I get to assign them a universal special rule such as tank hunters. If you drop below half strength you must make leadership tests with a minus one per turn which is cumulative. So first turn at minus one, second turn below half strength at a minus two
My choices are limited to 1 elite, up to 2 troops and 1 fast attack. So my list consists of

7 Dark Eldar warriors on a raider with Night shields and “tank hunter”
One warrior with a Dark Lance with “relentless”
Sybarite with tormentor helm, punisher, gruesome talisman and shadow field. Has “furious charge”

All in all I did well. Despite losing my temper because my opponent was a daemon player who had the changeling in his list I won. I was actually a defender despite the Dark Eldar codex stating that they are always the attacker in a scenario. So I won despite all my anger. I slayed the daemons and saved the fuel depot. There was a post scenario showdown for bonus points and the Daemon player did succeed. This showdown consisted of one phase. attackers choice, and you pitted one model against another to represent the attempted assassination of a top commander surveying the battle field post battle. In this case he choose shooting. He had a shooty army and did not want to take on my sybarite in hand to hand. Sadly my sybarite's shadow field did not protect him and he died giving the daemons a small amount of payback and robbed total victory from my grasp.

I have not seen the next scenario yet but I know its 1500 points. So I will be fielding a scaled back version of the 1850 and 1750 list. I just have to figure out what I am cutting out. 250 points is a lot in a Dark Eldar list.

I will post about my list later in the week when I get the rules for the next scenario. Also I will be delving into troops choices for the Eldar. After the HQ slots it is the next most important choice, to make your list legal and set up the foundation to build your list further.

Until Then...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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