Friday, July 9, 2010

Its been a Necron kind of week

So I have gotten a few games in this week in preparation for the GW Store Tourney series round 3 on the 24th of this month.  So far the only takers have been Raven Wing and Necrons.  Wednesday night saw me square up against the Necron horde of "Meat Ban" Evolutions games computer guru and follower of this site.  He also started a rather colorful, lots of foul language, Nercron blog called March of The Machines.
This game was pretty brutal.  the list consisted of

Eldrad with 6 warlocks 2 with spears, embolden, enhance and a wave serpent with scatter lasers
2x 7 man squads of pathfinders
1x 6 man squad of guardian jebikes with 2 shuriken cannons
1x Farseer on jetbike with runes of witnessing, spirit stones, guide and fortune
2x Fire Prisms with holo fields and spirit stones
1x 5 man squad of dark reapers with Exarch armed with missile launcher, crack shot and fast shot.

I cheated though.  I was so distracted I forgot the Striking scorpions I got out of my case were not in the list and they got placed.  Granted they spent the game moving across the board and did not really contribute at all but still,  It was late and I was tired, I feel bad.
  Granted this did not stop the fire prisms from killing all his immortals on the first turn and the pathfinders from killing all his destroyers also in turn one.
The game went six turns but he was on the ropes from the begining.  He did get some revenge though.  His Monolith immobilised Eldrad's wave serpent in close combat. He did it from the rear and basically stood there unmoving so Eldrad and his Warlocks could not get out..........for three turns.  He just would not stay down.  needless to say frustrating.

Today I phased a 71 warrior strong force on turn 6 with the loss of a few jetbikes and warlocks.  This list removed the fire prisms dark reapers and second Farseer in favor of a 5 man unit of wraithguard with warlock in a wave serpent, a wraithlord and 10 warlocks as opposed to 6 and the Avatar.  This Game was 1850 points as opposed to the 1750  point game with Meat Ban.  No accidental scorpions this time though.
Once I closed the distance it was a slaughter house as the Avatar and Eldrad cut a bloody, or is it oily, path thru the warriors and 4 destroyers.  The two lords took longer to get as they started to retreat to the other side of the table with the surviving warriors.  I eventually caught him and got him below his phase number as we went into turn 6.
I felt bad though as I also played him in a small 500 point game with his raven wing and killed them to the man loosing only 2 shining spears and loosing none of the jetbikes.
So the list has been doing ok so far but i need to test it against a space marine force and without cheating this time.
We will see what Saturday Holds

Until then

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love you for plugging my blog.

    Also, next time we play I'm taking extra immortals outside of points cost JUST FOR THE LULZ