Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rogue Trader Sunday: Session one

Session one of my Rogue Trader has our team of explorers, 3 of them anyway, traveling from Hydraphur to the Imperial Naval base at Baka. Baka is where our Rogue Traders father lies on his death bed after being poisoned by an unknown party. We are introduced to our first three explorers aboard the Battleship Absolution. Our Rouge trader is Quintis Fabius Tarses the first son or Rouge Trader Malek Tarses. His companions are accompanying him so that they may help him take over his fathers dynasty and inherit the families writ of trade which was given to them during the great crusade and bears the immortal Emperors signature. His loyal friend and former shipmate Joviaco Ralova aka “Joker” and another former soldier and friend Bren Altiernan McLuthos are with Quintis to become his trusted command crew.
When they arrive at Baka they are greeted by Fleet Liaison Officer Lord Captain Brixton of Battle Fleet Tempestus and Malek Tarsus's personal assistant Angelica as well as our 4th Explorer. Magos Gabriel Hadde of the Adeptus Mechanicus is also with them and our fourth PC.
The Group checks out the Ship which is named Cathedral Terra. It is a very old cruiser which the group comes to find out has some nice archeo tech systems and a Xenos system on it , a rune caster. They meet with Marik Tarsus our Rogue traders father who is being kept alive by the arcane machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He bestows the writ of trade upon his son and a ceremony ensues which is over seen by the Arbitor General Maximilian Steel and the High Ecclesiarch.
After all the pomp and circumstance, which has left our group bored and ready to go they retreat back to the Terra to see what their next action is. Angelica informs them that Marik was supposed to be in the Malconis system in a week to set up a trade deal on Satire 6 an aggro world in the control of the Vexhoun cartel. The group decides to make best possible speed there and is assured by the Navigator Valex, who the group finds creepier than anything they have yet encountered, that thanks to the ships wonderful amenities they will make it in time.
They in fact make it with a day to spare thanks to good warp conditions. They make contact with the Cartel representative and set a time to begin negotiations. They take advantage of the time between and decide to do some shopping in a local bazaar. There they are jumped by 5 thugs who seemed to know they were coming, as one of the screamed “DIE TARSUS!” before opening fire on the group. Quintis took a wound to the arm in the first salvo, but his comrades rallied quick and took down a couple thugs in the opening volley of fire. Gaius, our 5th player, came down with the party and proved his worth as he charged head long into hand to hand combat and cut down another thug. After a brief combat all the thugs were dead or dieing. The one left alive was taken back to the ship for questioning. The session ended with the beginning of the trade deal talks.
I have to say the first session went very smoothly. I had not realized how devastating combat actually was in this system. The weapons inflict lots of damaged and we all got a kick out of the descriptions on the critical charts.  The guys rolled exceptionally well for equipment on the shopping trip and they picked well from their choice of starting gear.  Needless to say my baddies need to be better armed.
 In the future I need to plan combat a little better to make the fights a little more challenging. I Find it funny that I have 2 characters that have the Arbitus as an enemy and one who has the Imperial Church. I like the attitude that is shaping up. As I said its like Firefly meets Big Trouble in little China and our Rogue Trader is Jack Burton.
Our first session was short as everybody also did character creation when we got together. Next time we get into the trade talks and we get acquainted with the various personalities on the ship.

Until then

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!

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