Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aspects of Khaine pt 6: Warp Spiders

Passing through the warp. Disappearing and reappearing behind the enemy. Bathing them in a shower of monofiliment wire. This aspect is not an aspect. Having more in common with the spiders that inhabit the infinity circuit hunting down rouge elements than the Bloody Handed God, the Warp Spiders are basically viewed as crazy by most Eldar. For who would willingly go into the realm of the Great Enemy.
Warp Spiders are A hit and run deep striking unit that can hit with massed fire and then jump away, using their warp packs, form the enemy to safety. The Death Spinner is a nice short range assault weapon that bring to bear some hefty fire power. At a strength of 6 it can wound most every kind of trooper on the field. Being Assault 2 brings weight of fire when you have a large unit that will force lots of saves. The Warp Jump Generator is an oddity. It allows the Warp Spider to basically teleport via the warp to a position 2d6 inches in any direction. If doubles are rolled you loose a spider to the warp. This mimics the Spiders of the Infinity circuits ability to meld with it and ride the currents to another location.
These pieces of equipment make the Warp Spiders a lethal hit and run shock troop that can devastate enemies in the back field. The Exarch powers are key to this. The Surprise assault power, which you should always take lets you deep strike the unit. The withdraw power lets them get out of combat if assaulted. Despite being able to arm the Exarch with power blades and double spinners, getting bogged down in combat is not a good idea. Spiders must be mobile to be effective. The second weapon option for the Exarch is nice. The spinneret rifle is strength 6 and AP 1. it is also a pinning weapon. Even though it is assault 1 if anybody dies they must make a pinning check. A failure could mean a quick death for the unit or a unmolested escape by the Warp Spiders.
Survivability is the key. And the key to this is keeping mobile. They do have a nice save of 3+, but you must keep the unit out of hand to hand so they can jump around and hit the enemy hard with their Death Spinners. Since the move like jump infantry and then get to use their jump packs in the assault phase you can keep out of the reach of assault troops and wipe them out before they reach your lines.
I like to use spiders to wreck havoc in the fire lines of armies that like to remain stationary. Jumping in behind troops and wiping out squads is a nice way to get the enemies attention and let your army advance.
Units of 5 or 6 can be very effective. I do like running units of 10 but only if terrain is light. You want to make sure you try and deep strike the unit within firing range of the unit you want to hit. After firing use the jump packs to get away. If you kept 9 to 10 inches away and then got a decent jump of 6 or 7 inches unless the unit is Calvary or jump infantry they will not be able to catch you to assault you and may not be able to get into rapid fire range. Try to jump behind terrain to give cover and obstruct line of site as this move is unaffected by terrain, including impassable. You can also try jumping behind other units so you force the unit you just shot to get into a hand to hand brawl with the unit of Striking Scorpions that is now in front of it.
Using hit and run tactics will help sow some confusion and break down fire discipline as your opponent tries to decide which is more important. Hitting the unit in his midst or shooting at the advancing army. As always you want to support the unit with long range fire power. Use your Dark Reapers or Prisms to help give a one two punch. Hitting the unit with Warp spiders thins the heard so to speak and allows you to hit units with you low AP weapons to get ride of special troopers rather than regular troops. As Always try and doom your targets to maximize the carnage. More wound means more saves and the more dice they have to roll the better.
So stay mobile and support your hit and run troops with long range support. Doom the enemy and use the terrain.
Our next installment will cover our last aspect. The ill used and often scoffed at winged avengers of Khaine. Swooping Hawks.
Until then.......................................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well since I couldn't post my image of an spyder enjoying a delicious hot dog, I do want to say HELLO. Also that post is LONG.

  2. Just curious about Surprise assault? Since Warp Spiders are jump infantry don't they already get deepstrike. I may have missed something, but are you allowed to deepstrike in all three missions in 5th?