Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dark Eldar Test Drive

Well I Squared off against The Judge in a pre apocalypse game this past Monday. I really wanted to try a list or two and The Judge as well as Old School Terminator were happy to oblige. I was very giddy and although I was going to field the army as I have in the past I knew it would be a sharp learning curve for the new rules. The new rules are about as forgiving as the Dark Eldar themselves. The margin for error, well there isn't one. This was very obvious in my second game versus O.S.T.
I took a nicely loaded out Archon, 2 warrior squads, a squad of Incubi with a klaviex, a squad of Kabalite Trueborns with 4 blasters and a ravager. All my units had raiders equipped with night shields, flicker fields and torment grenade launchers. The Judge brought his usual Imperial Fist Shenanigans.
This meant venerable brother overkill, Chaplin Stonewall with his thunder hammer wielding terminators, captain lysander and some sternguard in a drop pod and 2 scout squads one infiltrating with sniper rifles and the other outflanking in a land speeder storm.
The Judge took the first turn. Lysander and his boys came in hot and popped the Archons Raider. He and 9 very angry Incubi came out. He kept another Raider from moving. My turn one saw the Archon and Incubi moving to engage Lysander and the Warrior squad on the Raider that could not move disembarked and poured Splinter fire into the Sternguard with Lysander. This thinned the herd very nicely. The Archon and the Incubi he was with charged and eliminated lysander with brutal quickness. The Head of Lysander now adorns the front of the Archons Raider. The Kabalite Trueborns charged forward. Chaplin Stonewall Saw their intentions and stopped his Land Raider short to intercept. The Land Raider Crusader he was embarked on destroyed the Trueborns Raider and then the Terminator squad inside along with Chaplin Stonewall Brutally and efficiently beat the squad to death with thunder hammer with only one of their number falling to Trueborn blades. The Archon seeing his Trueborns die in such an exquisite fashion salutes Chaplin Stonewall and finishes off the sniper scouts. He then moves towards the Chaplin with the Incubi. Brother Overkill and the Whirlwind stayed held up in the ruins raining fire down upon the Archons forces. A squad of warriors glutted with the death of the Sternguard moved forward and Fired on Stonewall. They eliminated on Terminator. Stonewall and his First company brothers charged forward and hit the Raider with their thunder hammers laying waste to it. The warriors inside then died to the hail of fire from brother Overkill and the Whirlwind. The remaining 4 were cut down by thunder hammers. It was at about this time the Archon reached the Chaplin. He and his Incubi charged in cutting down all but one Terminator. The Chaplin was wounded but still able to fight. Although he somehow escaped death last time he was cut down in the second round of combat dying in agony on the end of the Archons Agonizer. The Land raider then sent a rather deadly barrage into the remaining warriors and the Archon The loan surviving Sybarite and warrior with a blaster destroyed the Land Raider. All that remained on the field at the end was Brother Overkill the Whirlwind, The Archon and some Incubi and the 2 loan Kabalite warriors. So I won by one KP. I have to admit I played like crap. This showed in the second game. I lost that one big time. the Tyranids of Old School Terminator making a nice neat sandwich of my army. I kind of got excited and rushed forward. It was a very bad choice on my part. I think the talk of Dr. Roxo the Rock and Roll clown and cocaine, a tangent from talk about Reaver bike combat drugs caused a derp moment. So as of now OST is not crying like a baby because of poison weapons. Granted his Tervigon almost died due to splinter fire in one turn. So yeah you must be focused and stay on plan and target. No real margin for error. Do I still like the codex? Hell yes! This is an army for the skilled and should not be used by the inexperienced. If you are starting out you will loose.... a lot.
So I am now preparing a 1000 point force to lead the Apocalypse game. I realized that if you want to use any Arcane Wargear you must take a Haemonculus. None of the HQ choices can take pieces of Arcane Wargear except them. The only thing the Archon can take is the Soul Trap.
Well next time a battle report of the Apocalypse game and I will be covering Fuegan in the next part of the Phoenix Court of Khaine.

Until then..........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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