Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remember Remember the 6th of November

So the Dark Eldar are now available for advanced order.  The initial offering is the Archon, Lelith Hesperax, Warriror squad, Wych squad ( mmmm new plastics), Incubi squad, Reaver Jetbike Squadren and the Raider.  I am pretty pleased with the pricing actually.  $25 bucks for the new warriror and wych squads and $33 for the Raider.  I don't know about you guys, but my FLGS sells GW products on a discount.  This means I can do a very feasible army pretty cheaply as far as GW stuff goes. I can spend $200 bucks and have some new hotness.  I think this is what may happen.  I really want to look at the codex.  It is clocking in at $29 bucks to thats a little on the high side.
So I am really excited.  Once I have the codex in my hot little hands I will start my analysis and army development.
Apparently Lelith is WS 9 and Gets an additional attack for each point of WS above her opponent.  Cobine this with 4 attacks that ignore armor and you get a lethal lady that kills whole squads.  The new Urien Rakarth is also previewed as well as the new helions, Mandrakes and Ravager.
 WTF is all I have to say.  Mr. Rakarth is demented beyond all belief.
 This new mandrake is one of the best models to date in my opinion.  It just looks so freakin evil.  I will feild these guys even if they suck just because the models are so nice.
 New helion looks ok.  Way better than the original, but not awsome.

 New Ravager is lookin pimp.  I really like the side pods look.

A little edit and update.  I pilfered this from The Dark Eldar Kabal

Archon 60 points base huskblade 35 points soultrap is about 20.
Basic warriors are 9 points and Raiders are 60 base.
Incubi are 22 points each
Vect 240 (dais +200)
Lelith 170
ancient haemonculus 80 normal one is like 65
ravager 105-120 I think
I'll post other stuff people want too, just ask.


they are WS4 BS1 S5 T5 W3 A3 ????? 6+ sv
they have feel no pain (like all other haemonculi stuff ie. the heamonculi, urien, wracks, and grotesques.) They take up 2 spaces in a transport (like Ogryn) they have to take a Ld test if an IC isn't accompanying them, and if they fail they inflict 2D6 attacks on nearby units before all dying.


they have wings meaning they are JUMPPACK not jetpack

EDIT: like ACTUAL WINGS made for them by haemonculi for a lot of money. ther get surgery and fly up ato the eyries at the top of the city and act as couriers and are very rich (well paid job) and they can buy cool weapons eg splinter cannons, darklances, heat lance(?), and copme with splinter carbines standard. (very good rate of fire.)

cant remember mandrake points. about 25 I think. they shoot S4 AP4 Assault 2 fire attacks. they have stealth and infiltrate. scary.

Lelith is WS9 BS 7? S3 T3 W3 I7/8 A4 Ld 9/10 sv6+

she has a 4++ inv against shooting (she dodges bullets lol) and a 3++ inv. in CC. Her hair counts as a shardnet and impaler (reduce ememy attacks by 1) and her knives are power weapons. she is very killy.

[Heat lances]

they are 12"? S6 Ap 1/2 Melta lances
they can be taken by a reaver arena champion as well, and it is a heavy weapon for warriors and the trueborn.


it has a TL splinter rifle and can upgrade to a splinter cannon. It can take some of the DE vehicle upgrades

RE: the DE flyers. they are classed as skimmers. the ? fighter and the voidraven bomber. the bomber has 2 TL darklances and can drop a S8 template on units it flies over. (scatters only D6") the fliers can purchase up to four missiles of any of the following types and may be a mix of them. there are neurotoxin ones, imploding ones, soul stealing ones or something, and good old fashioned explosives.

Some Urien fluff: his presence is a great honour for the kabals/cults that accompany him on raids. He has died many times, but he regenerates. It is now to the point where he likes to try interesting ways of dying. But for some reason, each time he regenerates, he keeps bits of his old body - that's why he has like 5 spines and 7+ arms. He is one crazy bastard. The haemonculi built a big fancy tower out of living tissue and it is like an academy. They have even trained Fabius Bile there (Urien was interested in his experiments). He can make the small constructs troops, and he can give grotesques S6 instead of their usual S5 for 5 points each. He regenerates one wound a turn but cannot exceed the max.

Some excerpts from a conversation with two friends who have seen the codex:


Phoenix lord statline incl 2+ sv and EW, the demiklaves (i think) and he can move to a different spot in combat as long as he stays in B2B with opponents. other stuff too.


3D6 pick the highest for running,
+1 S
+1 WS
can't remember this one
probably re-rolls is one
+1 free pain token
meaning most of the army gets feel no pain lol
1 roll for entire army.

if so, I'd love some hekatrix with max hydra gauntlets that wound on 2+

Yeah, that's precisely why you won't be able to. XD

Actually, nix what I said about the huskblade/soultrap before. All you need is that Poison retinue member and it's stupidly good.

(FYI there is a retinue member for the archon that gives the whole unit 2+ poisoned attacks... combine with huskblade and other power weapons for maximum lulz...)


He can take different numbers of 4 different types of guards. ie. he can take some of one type and a few of another etc. (I would recommend keeping it down to 10 members so they can ride in the archon's pimpin' raider)
one is a big bug - 3 wound tank monster, one is a 4 armed shooty guard, one is a general cc one, and another is a retinue member that grants the entire retinue poison 2+ CC attacks.

I will be detailing Maugan Ra on Thursday in the next Installment of The Phoenix Court of Khaine.

Until then............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm loving the new pics for sure, and the Ravager does look awesome. I wonder how the Mandrakes play in the new codex. Apart from some interesting deployment, there's not much to them at present.

  2. I was also surprised at the prices. They essentially priced the units like they were from the Ork line compared to the eldar or space marine lines. Ofcourse this just reinforces the point about how random their pricing is as 10 marines whose box has not change in decade are 37.5 while 10 dire avengers are 33, while these 10 brand new guys DE warriors are 25.

  3. I guess cheaper options for a redone specialised army like DE is their way of encouraging them to sell, but i'm happy with that :p

  4. This does seem to go in the face of GW's usual pricing. I agree is must be to encourage people to buy the army as it has been on the shelf for 10 years.