Sunday, October 3, 2010

A small Price to Pay For The Smiting of Ones Enemies: Store Campaign

So we had the latest game in our campaign series at good old Evolution Games this past week. It was a 1500 point pitched battle where I had to defend an objective from being destroyed. I squared off once again with the judge who also had an objective I had to take for bonus points. I had played this same scenario the previous day against one of the regular players who has just recently switched to Eldar. The battle did not go well for him as the Archon and his Kabal unleashed the full fury on their craftworld cousins. The Archon left the privilege of Eldrad Ulthrans death to Drazzar the Master of Blades. Needless to say he made some mistakes and needs to work on his basics.
Th Judge brought the heat in the form of Chaplin Stonewall leading a squad of thunder hammer wielding terminators in a land raider crusader, Captain Lysander leading a Stern guard squad in a drop pod, a maxed out squad of scouts with sniper rifles, Sgt Bad ass and his sunshine kids, scout squad, in a Land speeder storm and of course Venerable brother Overkill.

Things started out ok. I had two warrior squads and the Archons squad sweep up with the two Ravagers swooping in on the right flank. The Talos moved up in between. There were no real casualties as The Judges weapons were not hot yet. Turn two saw the arrival of Lysander and his Stern Guard veterans lit up the Talos with inferno rounds. The Talos lost 2 wounds. The Archon and warriors advanced while the third warrior squad acting as rear guard swung around to fire on Lysander and the Stern guard. The Ravagers unleashed disintegrator fire killing all but 2 Stern Guard and Lysander. The second Ravager lit up Brother Overkill and Chaplin Stonewall and his terminators advanced and disembarked form the Land Raider. They then charged the two raiders before them destroying one. He Talos had died in the previous turn to Lysander but not before killing the remaining Stern Guard. The scouts fired on anything and everything they could. Brother Overkill destroyed the Archons Raider and forced him to move by foot to engage Chaplin Stonewall. Basically turn three I knew I was going to loose as Lysander smacked my objective with his Thunder Hammer and the ran off chuckling to himself. SO with the objective lost I just went for blood and vengeance. The warriors remaining after the destruction of their transports opened up with a fusillade of splinter fire and killed 3 terminators. The Ravagers poured fire into Brother Overkill but the wiley venerable dreadnought would not die. In fact he basically could not shoot for two turns and that was about it. As the Archon face palmed the ineptitude of his warriors, Chaplin Stonewall did what he does best, tactical retreat. The Archon then saw a way to vent his frustration. Captain Lysander came into view on a hill. Drazzar and 4 Incubi charged the infamous Imperial Fist captain and with a sweep of his Punisher now alive with power cut down the captain with unrestrained fury. Sgt Bad ass overcome with the death of his captain charged the Archon. He seemed to forget he did not have an invulnerably save. He and his scouts were dealt with like the flies that they were. One Nemesis down two to go. Chaplin Stonewall had redeployed a small distance away to deal with the ravagers. The scouts had managed to snipe one and the thunder hammers of Stonewalls terminators did in the other. By a miracle the Archons consolidation move from the previous round and his normal movement put him in range to charge the Chaplin. It did not look like it by eye and we measured it three times. Finally the Chaplin who mocked the Archon and stole victory away from him was right in front of him. The two squads clashed and the remaining terminators were cut down. Stonewall was saved by his rosarius but was cut down. The Archon roared in triumph as he pulled his Punisher from the broken form of Chaplin Stonewall. Two down one to go.
Sadly this is when I realized the Archon, Drazzar and two Incubi were all that was left of my army. I guess the killing frenzy kind of blinded me for a second. The Archons Shadow field finally gave out at this point to and he succumbed to sniper fire as did the Incubi. So Brother Overkill survived and he held true to his name and blasted Drazzar with a lascannon. I got tabled in turn 7. I did kill two out of three of the Archons nemesis though.
The next Game is a 4000 point per side Apocalypse battle. The Archon has recruited 2 Chaos war bands and has made a pact with the powers of chaos the send their warp spawned kin to the battle field. The Dark Mechanicus will be supplying a Titan blessed by Khorne to wipe the Archons enemies from existence. Most anyways. There must be some left alive for the arenas and ministrations of the haemonculi back in Commorragh.

Next time more battle reports and the next installment of the Phoenix Court of Khaine series.

Until then......

Blood Runs, Anger rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ... until then, we may need a little more ... cowbell

  2. I do have a fever. The only cure is more cowbell

  3. Hey, for the Apoc mission - the usual standard is one Strategic asset per player, any idea whether that will be the same? and did you guys happen to ask Neil whether there will be any benefits from past missions? (I think I remember him saying there would be some benefit for the winner in that "Flank Attack" mission, for example)

  4. We are being given strategic assets based on the past missions.

  5. You should have stink palmed overkill ;oP